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Show Me the Panda


Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links (at no extra cost to you). Please do not spend money unless you feel it’s for something you really need and will help you reach your goals.

If you are wondering about the title, just read until the end, I will tell you what it is. It’s all about my experiment in monetizing my blog. It will not take your time to read until the end, it’s only 633 words.

Methods in making money online that I like is the smart ways, not the get rich quick schemes. I have found some of these interesting ways to make money even if there is not to much you can make but it is best fitted for low budget bloggers. Actually this is no budget after all, all you have to do is just write and post it in your blog.

As I mentioned above, the smart ways in making money online is start from your own mindset to be changed. Why that was important? If you have a clear mindset that you want to have a long lasting make money online system then you will safe yourself from getting scammed by get rich quick schemes advertisement.

‘It’s all about experiment”… why I say that? I have mentioned in one of my posts “20 Reasons You Are Getting SUCK at Blogging” thus I will get SUCK if I don’t like to make my own experiment. This is my third experiment with this blog in monetize matters.

Besides those reasons, I have read one of my friend posts from onlineincometeacher about tips on monetizing blog. It was said that if you want to be success in make money from blog then diversify your monetize sources rather than just focus on one sources. So far I have focused on affiliate sales from Clickbank products, Host Gator and book review. I want to add this for the new sources.

They were payperpost and buyblogreviews. It meets my passion in blogging and deliver opinion through a writing process. Those were my reasons developing my blog and the best part of it is I can try to make money from it.

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One thing before you start with payperpost :

Before you can receive offers, you must claim your blog. This let’s us know you are the true owner of the blog. You will be asked to embed a random sentence on your blog and verify it in order to claim it.

So how about buyblogreviews? It’s a lot easier to join here, there is no requirements as it is in payperpost. All you need as a blogger to do is just sign up, wait for approval, find opportunities, make an offer, do your assignment (if any) and see the result.

It is your decision whether you want to join on one of those, but if you can join in both payperpost and buyblogreviews for free why not, right?. Nothing to lose but more business opportunity will come particularly to build your own passive income sources.

Ok now is the time for the title. It was one requirement for me to be accepted in payperpost. It was said I need to make new post consist of that code “Show me the panda” before I can claim my account in there, rather than add it to my previous posts, why not I make a new post.

I do realized I will not pleased anyone but I know that I have passion in writing my voice through my blog. Cheers.

Do you have experience with those two (payperpost and buyblogreviews)? If you like to share with me I would love to hear it. Feel free to leave comments below!