PTC Earning Sites September 2016 Income

If you have been trying to make money online on internet for a while you might notice ptc earning sites people recommend. Simple said, it is true and this is what I am going to share you all about.

This is my personal experience on how I have earned with PTC earning sites so far. If you are wondering about ptc sites and don’t know what to do yet, well, this post will interest you.

I have been joining several ptc sites though. Not all of them are legit (unfortunately). That’s the fact and this is why this post going to save your time.

After trying more than 1 ptc sites now I am just focusing on several ptc sites that proven to pay the members. This is very important because in making money with ptc sites you are investing time (and internet connection). It is quite logic if you only join on trusted ptc sites to ensure your pay day.

Where do I join so far? clixten, clixsense, neobux, easyhits, and buxvertise. is the place I have made money so far. Joining these ptc earning sites I am just playing safe. I do become premium member on some of it. I keep learning all the potential to increase the income as time goes by. If I am sure enough with what I understand then I decided to become the premium member on any of ptc sites I joined.

So far I am premium member on Clixsense and Neobux but not yet the other three ptc earning sites. I have not taken note on the income development so far (that’s my mistake). So, next post I going to take not on it.

What I have learned from my favorite PTC site

My number one ptc earning site is clixsense. Clixsense is the first ptc I have joined. It’s like the bridge to ptc business for me. The only two reasons are that they really pay me and I have managed to earn on monthly basis with it.

  • The second is neobux (the same reason as clixsense).
  • The third is easyhits4u (I can use it to double the dollar. I will elaborate further in future).
  • The fourth is buxvertise (I am too lazy to be consistent on this site. Will do more seriously in future).
  • The fifth is clixten (just joined recently).

How do I earn so far

As you know, the best two are clixsense and neobux. I can reach minimum withdraw limit with these two on monthly basis.

Here is my clixsense income so far:


The payment proof (September) on my paypal


Here is my neobux income so far:


I made withdrawal once to make sure this ptc earning site not a scam.

Neobux Payment Proof Sept 2015

Clixten and  buxvertise balances are still below $1 (need sometime to reach minimum payout limit)

Easyhits4u as of today is $1.2. So far I have made withdrawal three times ($3 each)

Bukti bayar easyhits4u notordinaryblogger

The latest payment on June 2016 from easyhits4u:

Bukti Pembayaran Easyhits4u Juni 2016

Are You Ready to Use PTC Earning Sites?

If you really interested to earn more just like I did with ptc sites you need to understand the basic of online marketing and grasp the potential on all ptc sites can offer. It will take some time to understand though but if you want to learn it fast and efficient you can try this ptc business guide. The guide will accelerate your venture with the ptc earning sites I mentioned above. Ready?



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