Online Marketing Trends for 2014

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This guest post is by Ryan

Every year, more and more business owners are seeing the benefits of online marketing—and year after year, developers and advertisers are coming up with new developments to change the way we market online, as well as measure ROI. We constantly hear about new channels, tools, roles, and platforms that promise great potential,not just in reaching consumers, but in influencing them as well.

For the year 2014, the following are few trends we can expect to see more businesses adopt in their online marketing strategies:

Content Marketing

Content marketing is audience-focused and fosters engagement with your target market. This trend will only keep rising this year. As shown by through an infographic, more business are realizing the importance of content in forming an effective marketing strategy.

The best way to take advantage of content marketing is of course, by producing original, useful, and high-quality content—on a regular basis. Inbound content marketing and content creation can boost traffic to your website, which could boost your page rank.

Blogging, an essential aspect of content marketing, remains to be a popular way to generate new leads. If used strategically, a supporting blog can help your website stand out from competition.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO), like content marketing, is another online marketing trend that is not likely to go away anytime soon. SEO helps you increase traffic to your website and for you to reach a bigger audience in a cost-efficient way. Compared to advertising with Google Adwords, SEO costs you less because its methods are focused on creating organic listing—which is free—as opposed to using Google Adwordsand paying a monthly fee.

Adwords can help you boost site traffic within a short span of time. But would you rather choose a short-term investment or stick to a technique that provides a long-term advantage?Search engine optimization may not show immediate results but when your SEO efforts pay off, the results last much longer.

Infographics and Images

Do you remember how Pinterest started? Ever since the unique photo-sharing site boomed in 2011, to be included among the Top 10 Largest Social Networking Sites, developers rushed to develop similar apps while marketers took advantage of its large userbase to expand reach.

Websites like Pinterestwill continue to play a dominant role in online marketing this year. And along with the rise of image-sharing apps and platforms, infographics have become the next big thing. Characterized by a creative combination of image and factual/statistical information, infographics have proven relevant, useful, and oftentimes, even viral. They are now used as effective content marketing tools that can win the interest of consumers.

Mobile Devices

The Philippines is in the midst of a so-called “data explosion.”A growing number of Filipinos now own smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices, which they use for social networking, shopping online using credit cards, communicating, and even performing work-related tasks. It would be a huge waste for online marketers if they don’t take advantage of the potential to reach out to an aggressively growing mobile user base.

With the continuously growing popularity of mobile devices and smartphones, more businesses are expected to act accordingly—by developing mobile versions of their websites and applying responsive design for mobile platforms to enhance user experience. This also presents a great opportunity for different companies to create mobile-optimized websites and ads.

Don’t be left behind. Now that you are aware of online marketing trends expected to keep rising this year, it’s time to call your team and discuss your marketing strategy for 2014.

About guest blogger
Ryan Del Villar is a writer at, Philippines’ leading online comparison portal. MoneyMax is an independent and impartial comparison portal that helps individuals in making important decisions by comparing different Credit Card, Broadband, Mobile and Insurance providers.

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