Blog Development : What I’ve Learned and Monthly Report Experiment

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It’s been eight months going since I’ve started notordinaryblogger. As a new born blog, it’s a hard challenge to compete with enormous authority blogs out there which talking the same topics.

But, that’s not the real problem is, at least in my opinion. The real problems that many bloggers have to face is content development.

Eventhough I don’t think content is king, but in fact that great content has it’s influence online. Great contents what ever it called, namely : viral post, most viewed, most commented, etc will be your basic resources for make money online.So … what I’ve learned so far?

Killer Content as a Basic Resource

My blog, notordinaryblogger main contents, are articles. Thus producing content update is a need. If I want to grow fast, what else I can sell besides my articles?

Understanding on how to make a stand-out article online could be a good start for every new blogger. There are a lot of source on the net about it, so all you need to do just read, learn and practice. I myself have made one related article that you might interest to read 🙂

Here’s the link : 3 Simple Ways a Beginner Can Make Stand-Out Article Online Right Away

Making a killer content will not bring you profits but broader than that, an opportunities online. Once you made one, you’ll create another and so on. Slowly but sure, you’ll put your name on your writing. You’ve break the most frightening obstacle on business online, …. the world of anonymous!

You disclose yourself through your blog not only as a blogger but also a writer. Once online people know you from your world wide article, you’re not a stranger anymore, you are friendly person that like to help through your writing. At this stage, you are ready to the next level …

What is it?

Start Your Influence

Some blogger can be bigger than other because they have good influence online. When you have managed to build your influence, you’ve build your market. Many have said you should build your email lists, fans page, followers, and … viral posts.

The basic things you can do to build your own influence is through social media engagement. How’s this possible? The more your post goes viral the more readers know you. It’s some kind of a social advertising, the other form of “word of mouth” marketing. A sign that they do like you blog. Don’t you think so?

Killer Content + Influence = Trust

The best thing I’ve seen so far on what ‘a people trust’ can give you is a wider opportunity. When we talk about chances, it could mean many things in blogging world. Let’s say you’ve got an offer to be a guest blogger, a core contributor on multi-author blog, make money online from product review, etc.

All that business opportunities come from one word … trust.

“When we do online business, gaining people trust is crucial”

There is many ways you can get people trust, and one of it is by publishing monthly report.

Notordinaryblogger Monthly Reports : the Next Experiment

I have planned to publish a regular post on monthly report. I have set up challenge to overcome and report it to you …

Here are what will include on my monthly reports :

  1. Social Signals from articles in a month
  2. Income from social signals marketing
  3. Income from adfly
  4. and traffic

(Social signals marketing and adfly are not the only way I make money online. Nevertheless, I would like to give the result as a monthly reports)

What is social signals marketing?

This is our new service to boost social signals of article posts. We have implemented it here, and we like to share you the results in monthly reports. It’s not just the amount of facebook likes, tweets, g+ and in-share but we will also share how many clients we have for the services each month.

Note : clients data are confidential, we only publish you how many clients we’ve got and how many articles we promote during the month. Thus you can see how much we earn from our service. Clients privacy is our highest concern.

What about Adfly?

I have never tried this program before. I’ve learned and found something interesting about it. The amount of adfly income has correlated with reader trust to your blog.

It’s impossible to implement adfly to every single visitors I have by installing some code on widgets, they’ll runaway. So …. I need to do that the right way. I only put adfly text-links to related information. People only take adfly advertisment, if they really want the information. It’s not too different from Pay Per Click and conversion theory.

There is some theory on make money with adfly, but I need proof. That’s why I like to put adfly monthly clicks on my blog monthly report’s. Not every visitors will click it, but if they do that mean they have put some trust . At least that’s my theory is.

What about traffic?

Our blog traffic is not too many though we still likely to share where our visitors come from. We have greater interest in how it related with adfly income. Do you interest too? There is only one way to find out. Watch out for our first reports. 🙂

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So, stay tuned for the monthly reports. We will publish it on the first week each month starting September 2012.

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