Monthly Report June 2013

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Alexa Profile June 2013

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Guest Bloggers

  • Claudia, a well experienced writer.
  • Michael Clark, works at IT support provider company.
  • James, a freelance contributor.
  • Tonya Wilson, a professional blogger and copywriter.
  • Irina Webandyou, a web designer, guest blogger and video maker.
  • Oliver Shiel, works in the marketing and communications sector for digital marketing specialist.
  • Noe Legaspi, a marketing executive at Live Admins JLT.
  • Samuel, a passionate personal finance blogger.


Last paragraph

I  have to remove adfly revenue reports because there’s no particular value from it now. Explanation about it (theory and practice) from the previous reports/post is clearly describe the major points to earn more from adfly.

June was a great month for me. In monetizing, I have gotten new direct advertising deals. That’s what I like about blogging, we can host advertisers. But we need to be careful in maintaining audiences interest within our blog, be wise with your advertising generation strategies.

I took alexa screen shot for traffic profile to have new perspective on audiences description. Despite the discrepancy of alexa accuracy, to me, it has valuable information. It simply show me where my audiences come from this part of the earth.

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See you until the next report.

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