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Monthly Report December 2012 ( A Simple Plan for a better Year)


It’s January 2013 now and that’s mean its time for monthly report. But first of all I like to say Happy New Year and wish you all better year this time.

I can say that December was a huge progress for this blog to grow bigger than before. There are some positive progress I like to deliver in this report.

On the other hand I like to make change of the monthly report looks which is going to be simplified.

So, I just like to simplify this report for your enjoyment.

Here’s what this report going to reveal :

  • Alexa Rank Progress (this is new section which displayed the alexa rank screen-shot at the time of this report made)
  • Content Development (this is old section which modified to scope a number of posts and how many shares it received)
  • Traffic Report (this is old section which displayed a screen-shot from Google Analytics dashboard)
  • Adfly Report (this is an old section which displayed a screen-shot from adfly dashboard)

Let’s start

Alexa Rank Progress

alexa rank 1alexa rank 1

alexa rank 2alexa rank 2

Well,I guess there’s no need further explanation you can see everything on the screen-shot above.

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Content Development

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Traffic Report

One thing for sure was this blog having a huge traffic increase. If you wonder what strategy has been used, its in traffic generation strategy and the latest one is create more content with various keywords. Here’s our traffic statistic from Google Analytics :

Traffic Reports December 2012Traffic Reports December 2012

Adfly Report

I have not developed more on the use of adfly in this blog. So, actually adfly income that is made within December 2012 is basically through the old post. I have put more focus on traffic generation and content creation for now on. Yet, I am still going to publish adfly income as some learning field to any of you wonder about using adfly in website. Here’s the adfly December income :

adfly report december 2012adfly report december 2012


This is it. It’s the end of this report. For your information I believe that a short post can be valuable, and that’s also a topic I have written for (that going to publish this January). That’s why, if you also notice I have shortened most of posts length in December which more likely become more common within this year in here. Why do I do this? Readers are busy, then I try to save their times by providing valuable information they can enjoy in relatively short of time. What do you think? If you have anything to say about this monthly report, feel free to leave it at comment box below