Monthly Report August 2014

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Rank Global: 123,771

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  • Sessions : 12,083
  • Users: 6,715
  • Pageviews: 39,949
  • Pages/Sessions: 3.11
  • Avg. session duration: 5:36
  • Bounce rate: 2,62%
  • %New session: 52,84%

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No guest post published during August 2014

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Things to Do

My GA stats is rather disappointing because I am expecting increase in organic traffic during August 2014. Realizing the situation I undergo several SEO campaign to achieve better result in September 2014.

I have to spend some cash on this campaign because I don’t have the time to do everything by myself. I try my best to keep blog commenting regularly on my personal-list bloggers, promoting my blog through facebook, twitter, linkedin and G+. My schedule getting tighter because I have to maintain a fanpage too (I’ve got a client that paid me for this job).

So what will I do to attract more visitors?

These are what I consider to do with my cash for blog promotion in future:

  • Hire someone to do blog commenting manually (to enrich my backlink profile)
  • Hire someone to do forum backlinking in high authority sites (to enrich backlink profile)
  • Generating backlink with free blogs (to enrich backlink profile)
  • Considering to host a contest (to build awareness)
  • Marketing content at facebook,twitter,linkedin and G+ (to generate social media traffic)

Why do I do that?

This blog relies highly on advertising, thus my financial ability would be in danger if the number of “users/unique visitors” goes down. I need to fix it in future.

For that reason, I am thankful that my blogging experience on the last 3 years has brought me to several blogger friends that could help me for these tasks. I have to pay for it though, but that’s what will happen if you do business with blogging, you are going to make some expenses.

How’s the result? You have to wait until monthly report of September 2014.

Thanks for visiting. Hope to keep seeing you within the progress.



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