How to Make Your First 100 Dollar Online?

How to make your first 100 dollar online? ever wonder about that?

First time experience is always important because it will make us believe better about certain things. This situation works best in making your first $100 online. It is not about how much you can make but how you actually make your first money online. Once you make it, you’ll believe it. And once you believe it, you’ll be ready to earn more through it. So why $100 online? It’s not a fixed number though I just think $100 is not too low and not too high either, thus people will have big chance to achieve it.

So, how do you actually can make your first $100 online?

Start With Small Thing

Do you realize that big thing start from tiny thing? I’ve read something from related to this :

But you know what?  No matter how big a tree may be today – no matter how tall or imposing it looks, every tree started off the same way…as a little seed.  A tiny seed.  Small.  Miniscule.  Unimposing.  Unimpressive.  No matter how big it is today, I guarantee that it didn’t start that way.  It started just like every other plant or tree out there – a tiny little seed

When you jump for the first time to make $100 online may be you keep overlook the small thing. You are busy to catch the big fish and let yourself starving for long. I think this is what make so many people fail and disbelieve the opportunity of internet can give to wealth.

There are many places you can go to start making money online. Though the amount of money you make is not 6 figures but still it is real money.

Place like url shortener or paid to click is the easiest way to make small amount of money fast. You don’t need to blog or maintaining website and keep writing daily for it. All you need is internet connection and you are ready to make your first money online.

Since it is small amount of money you make then it will cost you time. But some people do make serious money just using urlshortener or paid to click program because they join on many of those program. Just imagine from one paid to click program you can earn $10 then from 10 paid to click program you will earn your first $100 online.

Here’s one paid to click program that I have tested:


As you can see above it really works in making money online. The payout minimum limit is $8 so you can ask a payment unless you already earned that much.

The best thing about paid to click program is the program not only offer paid to click task but also other easy jobs that pays higher rates such as surveys or searching tasks. Do the two additional jobs , you can simply make $1 a day.

Here’s a survey payout for proof :


I have been using above program for quite some time and get monthly income. Here they are:

Riwayat pembayaran clixsense sampai Juni 2016

What about URL shortener? In my experience this method makes you money lesser than paid to click. But still it really makes you money. Shortest is one of the best url shortener to make money from it. I have been using it for a while and it makes me money (see below):

cari uang online tanpa blog

Be Ready to the Next Level

So now you have earned $1 a day easily and you believe about making moeny online. You are eager to learn how to make bigger money online.

The next big thing you can do to make your first $100 online is by making bigger commission through sales. You can offering other products to costumer and get paid for every sales you made. This method are popular as affiliate marketing.

You don’t have to blog to do this. All you need is to join in affiliate program, get your affiliate promotion materials and start promoting to make sales.

Be wise to choose a product to promote. The bigger the commission offer by the vendor the bigger your payment are. Don’t put your focus on commission, you need to consider about the market. What people really like to buy? Think about it and give something they ready to buy.

Some place you can visit to start business as affiliates are clickbank and amazon affiliates. There are actually more places to find, you can use the search engine to help you out.

See how I make $2,000 promoting one product in 9 months.

Smart in All Opportunities

Internet is land of opportunities. To make your first $100 you need to be smart in every chance you meet. Pick a product/service that gives you repeat income. This kind of thing can give you extra income easily.

Try to find membership program that offer useful and quality products/services. People who join under your recommendation will always update their memberships. Most of this membership provide premium program that cost some money for their members. The longer people keep their premium member account the better your income.

Start a Blog

Well, finally you need to start a blog. Blog can be useful in many ways for your journey to make the first $100 online.

You can use blog to host advertising, publish paid content, build email lists, offer your own product, promote your own business and many more.

Blog is the media to help you earn your first $100 online.

If you have a blog that get 100,000 unique visitors a month you can easily make money by hosting advertising like Google Adsense. Don’t forget that adsense is not the only one. There are adsense’s alternative like adonly, herocpm you can try :

Alternatif Google Adsense 2


Alternatif Google Adsense 1
Not only making money through host advertising you can also grab many chance to make money from a blog. People has many interest with popular blog. The important thing to take is the deal between you (the blog owner) and the  investor. When the price is right, you just have to wait the payment into your paypal account.

You can also promote affiliate product within your blog and start generating more commission through it.  Or if you manage to build mailing lists you can start promoting something through it and get commission for every sales you make.

Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos

Make Your First 100 Dollar Online Now!

The above ways to make your first $100 online are not the only ways. The are many ways out there available. You need to find and learn about every opportunity you meet. Never given up too easy and always motivated are the best modalities to make your first $100 online fast. Good luck.


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