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Make Money Online from Blog: NotOrdinaryBlogger Monthly Report – August 2012


Dear beloved readers,

I am glad to have you here. This is our first monthly report and as a matter of fact, this is our newest project too.

This is the continuation of our previous post Blog Development : What I’ve Learned and Monthly Report Experiment. This blog has started on January 2012, so it’s eight month of age now. The concept I deliver is “two-language” blog which consist Bahasa Indonesia (once a month content updates) and English (once per week). This concept has both advantage and disadvantage.

The biggest obstacle for me so far is TIME. I’am a part-time blogger that love to write about blogging tips and make money online from blog. So that, I need to use the time I have as efficient as I can to produce posts, build network, and try to earn something from it.

My approach to develop this blog has been fairly simple with a very low budget (that’s mean I work hard to do everything that cost you nothing, except for the hostgator). I do Content SEO, Content Updates, Blog Promotion, Blog Commenting and Guest Posting. With all the routine, the main goal I plan to achieve is help other people on blogging issue while make money online, it’s like a dream when you living wealthy enough by helping people, though I have to admit for now it’s hard to leave my 9 to 5 jobs.

That’s what I have to face as a challenge to build this blog. Now, here is my routine activity to develop Notordinaryblogger achieve it’s goal:

  • Make a stand-out article online (minimum once per week for posts in English and once a month for posts in Bahasa Indonesia)
  • Connect with other bloggers or people in social media as many as I can (2 hours a day for blog commenting and 1 hours a day for social media networking (Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. I rarely spend time on G+)).
  • Promote the blog (blog commenting, guest posting, social media engagement)
  • Learn as much as I can (blog commenting, online blog interview, online discussion, experiment)
  • Make money online (affiliate, pay per click, sell my own product, adfly, etc)
  • Work hard, learn and try new things to find proof.

What I didn’t do and Why?

  • Email list building
  • Develop Fanpage
  • Design Update

The reasons

Building email list  and  fanpage are a serious blog marketing campaign. I feel that I have no time to set all email requirements to boost the amount of both readers (Indonesian and English) and manage outstanding fanpage. With that situation, I am focus on certain things that I deemed necessary with all limited time I have to develop this blog.

What about the design? The reasons I took twenty eleven design is to cope with “simplicity” that NotOrdinayBlogger” want to deliver. The tips provided here is easy tips that I wish all readers can try as soon as possible with a positive results.

Now let’s take a look at the progress.

I have published 4 posts and 1 guest post in August, let’s take a look on each post and the social signals :

1. “Cara Membuat Artikel Berpengaruh di Internet”. This is monthly edition of post in Bahasa Indonesia. Published on August 6th, 2012. Until September 1st, it has reached 42 Like, 5 g+1, 1 tweet and 1 inShare.

2. “Simple Methods to Make Viral Post” published on August 13th, 2012. Until September 1st it has reached 48 Like, 14 g+1, 0 tweet, and 7 inShare.

3. “Achieving Social Signals, Why You Should Try It?” published on August 18th 2012. Until September 1st it has reached 33 Like, 2 g+1, 2 tweet and 3 inShare.

4. “Blog Development : What I’ve Learned and Monthly Report” published on August 25th. This is the announcement of monthly report on notordinaryblogger. Until September 1st, it has reached 16 Like, 2 g+1, 2 tweet and 45 inShare.

5. I’ve made one Guest Post on TimsMinions, “3 Powerful eBook Marketing Strategies” published on 17th August 2012. Thanks to my friend Andi that invited me to be a guest blogger there. Until September 1st it has reached 111 Like, 6 g+1, 7 tweet and 13 inShare.

Social signals is new experiment at notordinaryblogger, in my opinion it can tells your influence online. As you may now on “hire me” Page. I have launched social signals marketing service on August. Within August I use simple marketing campaign to market it. I use my social networks. During the month I’ve got 4 clients and promote 4 articles (which mean 1 article each clients), and that earn me $ 20,-.

Now, before we go to adfly income report, I would like to share traffic report first. Let’s take a look.

For your information our monthly traffic is about 1000 visitors. Just take a look at the screenshot from Google Analytics below.

Traffic Overview

Traffic Source

Landing Page

In my opinion all those traffic correlated with my Adfly income. Eventhough there is no guarantee visitors will click on adfly links, but more traffic means more chance of make money online. Now let’s take a look on adfly income reports (Note: I just share on “how many visitors click the links” I am not going to publish the number of earnings)

Adfly Reports on May and August

What’s interesting? I started adfly on 27 May 2012, the only thing that scared me was reader’s trust. I am worried that visitors will leave after I use adfly service on this blog. It seems that was not happening, visitors still put their trust on me though I’am adding adfly service in form of inbound and outbound links.

94 visitors click on adfly links (August report) from a total 1001 visitors (Google analytic reports), and  from this preliminary data, I just wondering is it better to have more new visitors to get more click on text-ad-link or just focus on returning visitors, since I don’t have any plan to build email lists, yet.

My first opinion was, text-ad-link revenue will rise due to the amount of new visitors, particularly from organic traffic. These visitors have a tendency of making click on the ads and they’re having no-problem with that.

How to prove it? Let’s take a look on next month report’s. How many traffic will this blog has, and how many clicks will visitors give through adfly links.

Find valuable stuf from this reports? Great, why don’t you share it so others can take that value too … Cheers.