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How To Make Money From a New Blog as Fast as Possible?


How to make money from a new blog as fast as possible? ever wonder about it?

what to do to make money blogging right away?

If you have tried to seek for answers on this may be you will get disappointed because many will suggest you not to monetize as early as you launch blog on public.

If you read further on many successful bloggers story you might end up in one conclusion,  it’s not an overnight success.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make money from a new blog earlier…..

Wondering why? Let’s read more …..

Make Money From New Blog? This is How

As I mentioned earlier in this post, blogging will be more interesting if you can start to make money from a new blog as fast as possible.

One of the most common activity is begin to place pay per click ads on their blog before launching it and hope to make tons of money when they do launch it.

Will that works?

The point is not a matter of pay per click ads or what methods you use. It’s a matter of how you can find a targeted visitors that interested with what you offers. Or how you can change visitors into buyers through your contents.

Let’s find out how that could be happen

# Have a Plan

Plan is crucial part if you want to make money from a new blog.

Having a blog and making updates is not a plan. Make a real one. Here is for example :

If you like to start a new blog take these considerations into your blogging plan :

What is your minimum post length? (300 words is believe the best minimum limit for a single article updates in term of SEO). Once you have decided it, try your best to keep that quality. You won’t find it hard if that is your passion. It’s always enjoyable to write about your passion ….

How often you will updates your blog contents? Don’t be afraid to post less. Posting less will give you enough time to provide quality articles.

You shouldn’t be afraid to post on different frequency for your first month of blogging. Let’s say you are posting 9 articles in the first month then the next month you are just posting 1 article in a week. If you can maintain the quality, those article will be functioned as your landing page to capture visitor attention.

# Decide Niche That Become Your Passion

Plan is the first step. After you have one, then you can decide what is your passion. Finding your true passion on blog is crucial to measure whether you will survive the long term or not. It will correlate with content updates in the end.

Make sure you love the niche you have chosen to assure constant updates to every single blog visitors.

# Share Story as Your First Month Articles

Everyone can share a story ….

Story is the smartest ways in capture readers attention to your blog contents. So if you think you have a lot of things to write in your first month of blogging, fill it with story of your own experiences.

Readers like to know what problems do you have and how do you solve it. They will learn from you.

# Understand On-Page SEO (search engine optimization)

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When you are new, you are going to need visitors to come to your blog.

For newbie, search engine is one of your best friends.

Well SEO strategies can work wonder to easy your way in make money from a new blog.

Make sure all of your new contents are SEO friendly.

# Friends are Your Arsenal

Once you have published your blog contents, you are going to need some help. Ask for it … you will be amazed how bloggers like to help each other.

Or ask for help from your offline friends

Friends like helping friends. Friends as your networks will be easily take a visit and build a constant traffic to your new blog. Not just that, friends usually leave comments or other social signals.

Social signals is important to a new blog to show other visitors that your blog has the value to read or any other way to enjoy your contents.

# Capture Your Very First Visitors

This is why quality content important. Your very first visitors are your gateway to massive promotion. Once you have quality article and social signals proof on your new contents there will be high possibility your every visitors (not your friends :D) will pay attention on your blog contents.

# Make a Massive Content Marketing

As I mentioned about social signals, it could drive your contents goes more viral. Existing social signals indicate value to other new visitors. There is a chance they’ll do the same (shares, likes, tweets, comments, or else) if they see your posts already have established social signals.

But what methods are best for content marketing?

The best methods is make a post going viral and blog commenting. Do your best at these two methods as your primary content marketing strategy. It’s free and worthy.

# Include CPM Ads

There are many CPM network nowadays. CPM is cost per mile advertising which mean you can make money from every visitor came to your blog. Some CPM provide low minimum payout which is great for new blogger.

Below are two samples of CPM ads you can join and start making money online with:
CPM Ads 1

CPM Ads 2

Prepare Everything to Make Money from a New Blog

May be any of you start asking … does it really works?

I need you to understand that make money from new blog is possible but the amount of money you will earn depends on many aspect.

The best ways to earn is selling something (your product or service and affiliate marketing). Selling things usually have good amount of revenue than other methods. Making sales won’t depend on the amount of monthly traffic, you might get 200% profits selling one items to your small amount of visitors in a month.

All the tips here are to give you better chance to make it happen.

Just remember that visitor is your potential costumer but no one ever like to force buying on things, so do smart marketing from your blog contents. The reason most bloggers don’t make money is that they don’t think of their blog as a businesses. Blogs almost never make money. It’s businesses that do their marketing primarily via blogging that make money.

Once again, I just like to share you that it is possible to make money from new blog as fast as possible. But never expect you will get a lot of money from it. May be it’s not much but you’ll earn if you know how to do it right from your blog contents.

Thanks for reading …. It’s little bit different from common suggestion on make money online from blog that’s why I love to hear your opinion about this topic. Please share your thought in comments below 😀

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