Make $50 Daily Project – Part 6

The series have entered part 6 today, I feel the time run very fast. I will make it quick in this post, there’s good and bad news about the project at this stage. I like to deliver the bad news first then to the good one.

Something Goes Wrong Due to Lack of Time (Losing Profit)

I’ve been overload with offline job on the last two weeks. I have to provide extra time to keep maintain “fanpage job” of a client in the spare time (this is a must to keep the trust). After doing all the routine, I often miss the right time to do the clicking job.

Actually the cause is that I can adjust my visit with the “server time” of that program. Basically, if we don’t make at least 4 clicks during the server time on the clicking program 1, we will lose referral commission on the next day. The result is simple, our profit go away.

I just feel so exhausted and choose to get rest whenever I got a chance for it.

Due to this fact, I lose my profit on clicking program 1. You can see my balance is minus and my rented referral number decrease from 200 to 168.

Neobux 25 October 2014

That’s the bad news is. If you join in business program 1, make sure you don’t make the same mistake as I do, make sure you “click ads” daily  on scheduled time that cost you 10 minutes a day to accomplish it. That’s the only way to secure your profit every day.

Payment from Clicking Program 8

This is the good news. I don’t know why I keep making profit on this program until it finally reaches the payout limit. If you have read “6 SEO Strategies That Helps Me Earn Money Everyday” you will see why this is happening.

I keep generating referrals and making commission through it even when I’m not actively clicking on the program. I believe that’s the reason why I can reach the payout limit on the clicking program 8.

Clixsense Payment October 2014

What’s Next?

I will keep it going as usual with clicking program 1 as the main focus but I am going to see how far it will go without additional investment. I will do my best to keep active on it to secure my daily commission.

Furthermore, I’ve got some review that some of clicking programs mentioned here are scam. I only need $0.5 more to reach payout limit on clicking program 3. I guess I’ll take the risk to prove it by myself and tell readers the result on this post series.





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