Make $50 Daily on Autopilot – Part 3

Before I continue, I would like to say thank you for keep following this project.

I need to say sorry because I was forgot to tell you the most important thing about the project: the payment processor. Most of the programs use paypal as the payment processor while some other use more than just paypal. Make sure you check what payment processor available for your country and enable by the program.

For example, in Clicking Program 1 they accept paypal, payza and neteller.

Neteller is the only one I’ve never tried while paypal is known worldwide for sure. The fact is that in some country paypal doesn’t work, in this case payza can help you out. One more thing to keep in mind is whatever you choose between paypal and payza (I am using both payza and paypal), the account should be verified, or else they can’t send your money to your account.

If you realized this, then you would not have any problem to ask withdrawal.

Ok now, let’s back to the project ……

Interesting Things on the Project

The program number 1 give me fast increase in balance. I was joined on July 23rd, 2014. In the second post of the project (August 26th, 2014) the balance increased to $ 2 (considering that I started it without investment, that’s cool). As of September 5th, 2014 it reached $7.5

Here’s the balance on the first 30+ days

neobux first 30 days

Here’s the balance as of September 5th, 2014

Neobux As of 5 September 2014

Within the achievement I would like to try for 11 or 14 more days to see how far it could increase.

Actually the program number 1 was the reason why I started the project. Based on what I’ve learned, with the right method (which I am going to reveal soon), the program enable me to reach certain amount of money repeatedly in monthly basis. And I just need to proof it myself so people can try it too.

Bad Thing Happens

I was introducing 9 programs in the project. I found that program number 8 was full of technical problem within their site. I just thought that it was wasting my time so I dumped it.

Project Earning (after 45 days)

How’s the project earning? As of September 5, 2014, here they are:

Clicking Program 2: $0.6015 with minimum payout $ 5

Clicking Program 3: $1.5440 with minimum payout $5

Clicking Program 4: $1.4820 with minimum payout $ 4

Clicking Program 5: $1.3385 with minimum payout $ 4

Clicking Program 6: $0.855 with minimum payout $ 2

Clicking Program 7: $1.4240 with minimum payout $ 2

Clicking Program 8: $0.0866 with minimum payout $ 1 (I dumped this one)

Clicking Program 9: $3.5092 with minimum payout $ 8


Well … that’s I like to say for now. See you on the part 4.


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