The Lazy Way to Make 2 Dollars a Day Online – Make $50 Daily Project Part 5

Make 2 Dollars a Day Online Is not That Difficult, Is It?

Well, the title says it all … this post is part of the project. It has reached $2 a day now and on its way to reach the main target $50/day.

Why do I tell you that this method is “a lazy way”? Well, because it is. I just need to spend around 10 minutes daily and I can make $2 a day even grow it in future (to reach $50 daily target). And what do I do? I just click a mouse. Sound silly? But that’s the fact is.

Before you get too excited let me remind you the reason of this project. The project was born to solve budgeting problem for bloggers who run out cash just to survive their domain name and hosting service. I can’t give them cash just like that, instead I search reliable ways to earn money the “easy way” so that everyone can benefit from and make use the earning to support their hobby. So … I found one and make it as a project here. The project that is going to show you that this method is not difficult, not time consuming, no need website traffic, no need to sell anything and to some extend …. no investment. All what you get is depend on yourselves.

Well, investment part is little bit tricky because I do make some investment. I said “no investment” because all money you need to invest can be earned easily from the net (you don’t need to open your wallet). If you follow the project series, you know that I have recommended around 8 programs to use. Basically, with some patience, you can earn around $30 from all 8 programs within 100 days. After that, you can use that $30 into one program that makes you money the most. You can choose whatever program as you like because there are many programs similar out there, but in my case it is program number 1 that makes me the most money. But, if you think $30 is not that costly and 100 days are long enough to wait then you can spend some investment to earn faster.

Right now, by spending around 10 minutes each day to do clicking in that program, I earn $2 easily every day. That is why I called this method as a lazy way. I don’t have to worry about making guest post, generating large number of daily visitors (I don’t even need it), making content updates, spending hours in social media and so on. It’s sooo lazy.

How to Make 2 Dollars Online Easily?

As I promised you on the last post of the series, I am going to share you the strategy to “rent referrals”. It is “rent” and that is why it cost you some money. If you follow the “project series” you know that it is a long term project. I start it in July 2014 with daily earning $0.02. Now it has reached $2 a day and has projected to grow into $50 daily in future. The total investment cost is $30.

I made those investments in two phases. First in August 21, 2014 for $15 and then second in September 7, 2014 for another $15.

Transfer From Paypal to Fund Neobux

The $30 investment is a preparation to rent 100 referrals. This “renting” feature is what make it possible to reach constant earning daily. As a “standard member” I can rent 300 referrals maximum. To rent more than that, I have to upgrade the membership.

Here’s what I have used with that $30

I choose to divide my renting periods on every 50 referrals. Each 50 referrals cost me $10, here’s the details:

August 21, 2014 : I rent my first 50 referrals

September 7, 2014 : I rent my second 50 referrals

September 15, 2014 : I rent my third 50 referrals

September 24, 2014 : I rent my fourth 50 referrals

Wait a sec ….. you said each 50 refs cost you $10? How can you rent 200 refs with $30?

Based on my observation, each time I rent 50 refs my earning grows around $0.5 daily after 7 days renting refs. So … based on my prediction, within the next 9 days (until September 24, 2014) I could make around $13.5 that was why on that date I rented 50 referrals for the fourth times (this is the profit). Basically I only spend $30 to get all 200 rented refs.


Each referrals cost me $0.2 per 30 days. The payment will due on the 27th day. So, in a way to extend my refs, I have to spend $10 in every 27 days to renew my rent periods.

There is possibility to recycle the referrals. Those who are not active “clicking” can be considered to recycle. The cost to recycle 1 ref is $0.07.

Here’s some screenshot I take from my dashboard on September 29, 2014:

Balance of 29 September 2014

Near Due Date Referral

As you can see above, the “red” color indicates that 50 referrals are going to be expired within the next 7 days. If I want to renew them I have to provide $10 in my rental balance so that it will be renewed automatically. Those in red color are my rented refs from September 7, 2014. The color show that they will expire in the next 7 days but based on the term of reference, the renewal should be made 3 days before expiration, that’s why at least on October 3, 2014 I need to add my rental balance with extra $10.

My main balance as of today is:

Main Balance on October 2 2014

As we all can see the earning growth is around $3 (from 7 days and 22hours to 5 days 17hours later). This earning should be larger if I add extra 100 rented referrals. 300 rented refs is the maximum number permit by the program for standard members. When it reached, the next target is to upgrade the membership and finally reach $50 daily by having around 3000 rented refs.

Rental Balance Transfer October 2 2014

I have transferred all that $10 to rental balance to renew my 50 referrals’ for the next 30 days. So that’s how I am going to use $30 to reach 300 rented refs and to joy the profit. So that’s how it is possible to make 2 dollars a day online. It is still far from $50 a day though, but the process is going to reach it.

Thank you for following this post. See you until the next updates of this series.

What can you do about this project?

  • If you are blogger and you have a problem with finding reliable sources to support your blogging expenses, why don’t you join in, within 12 months you will have extra cash easily to pay for domain names and hosting.
  • If you like to buy online game (like me 🙂 ), this could be easy extra money to your paypal account that can be used to buy games.
  • If you like to find some place to invest money with low risk and predictable profits, this might work as well. All you have to do is just spend around 10 minutes a day to make sure that you earn today’s commissions tomorrow.

It is possible because with $30 you can earn nett profit $30 minimum (once you reach 300 rented refs) each month if you manage it correctly.

Does it works? Using program mention above (program No.1) here’s the result until now (July 15, 2016):

Neobux Balance Notordinaryblogger Tips July 2016

*as you see, since October 2015 I am golden member (I paid $85 for a year) and keep getting the profit. Will continue when it expires on October 15, 2016.

*I already renew my membership until 2017.


In case you are new here, here are the programs I used for this project:

  • Clicking Program 1 (this is the one I am focus on for the project)
  • Clicking Program 2
  • Clicking Program 3 (update February 2016 the program is not performing well)
  • Clicking Program 4 (update February 2016 the program is not performing well)
  • Clicking Program 5 (update February 2016 the program is not performing well)
  • Clicking Program 6 (update February 2016 the program is not performing well)
  • Clicking Program 7 (update February 2016 the program is not performing well)
  • Clicking Program 8 (I left this one because it has a lot of technical trouble)
  • Clicking Program 9

This is the reason I update the performance of the clicking program above. This is how much I earn from another program (clicking program number 9):



This is fool proof how easy it is to make 2 dollars a day online. Join to several programs that are proved to pay its member, develop your marketing on it, enjoy the benefit.

Ready to Try Yourself?

The most important thing if you want to try is to learn the opportunity first. Then search for payment proof of that opportunities attract you. How much investment you need also important information to predict the profit.

What you should do? Bookmark this post as your guide. Join in or watch me making profit. The choice is all yours.

Good luck!


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