Is Jump Off as Part-Time Blogger a Good Decision?

Should you start a blog as part-time blogger?

Sometimes you will feel what you have earned from 9 to 5 habits just not enough for monthly expenditure so you will try hard to find alternative passive income stream. Searching for this you will find that “make money online opportunities” seems the most reasonable option to choose.

Why? Because there is a living proof of those successful bloggers that have managed “make a living from a blog” with tremendous numbers of dollars as their monthly income reports. One of the most obvious evidences is Pat Flynn from smartpassiveincome.

I took notes from his gross monthly income from the beginning he started his blogging journey. I have found that he had managed income at the smallest  $7906.55 in October 2008 and the highest   $62,572.22 in January 2012. ( I just tought wow … What a number for passive income)

That numbers are surely a promising chances for many readers. Thus I believe many new bloggers feel  encouraged.

As I said Pat is one of the living proofs on how much people can earn from blogging. Can everyone do that? The answer is yes, but of course with a lot of efforts starting with plans in the forefront.

Should you jump off as blogger now?

I believe the income report has become a pull factor to many people to try their luck in blogging journey.

If you ever thought about it then yes, you should start now but never start without plan. Write down your plans and take it as your blogging direction.

The best action you should take is the momentum. You will lost your momentum if you delay to realize your ideas. So start now not later. This is one of successful blogger habits.

Some fact as challenge and what is the alternative solution

# You are working from 9 to 5 daily so you don’t have much time to write

When you are working from 9 to 5  then the biggest obstacle is making post consistently.

When you try your best to make a post consistently, somehow you will feel exhausted dividing your mind for both office and blog. You need to learn how to write a good article within a short time. You don’t have much time to write, remember. Even some experts needs more then just 3  to 8 hours to make a single post.

And believe me, you will feel the time is running so fast when you are a part time blogger.

Solutions :

But this doesn’t mean you won’t make it. There is always a way if you willing to try. Make a blog that in line with your passion. Selecting the suitable blog niche will help you a lot in writing for more posts.

# Your online income smaller than your offline income

I can say this is too bad to be true. Many bloggers discouraged because the good result not coming quickly.

In fact you will desperately hoping to get your first single dollar from your blog. Are you ready to earn $20 or less in three months?

Solution :

You need to re-affirm your mindset as a part-time bloggers.

You need to look deeper in interpreting “benefits”. It is not always in term of money.

You need to understand that the good result will pay in the long run. Never stop until you see the result.

# There is strong resistance from your environment

Some culture don’t see blogging as reasonable activity of make money efforts. Believe me it’s true and it’s happen. The very reason for this is simple … people want to see result. But not many people understand the best result take time.

Strong resistance from your environment will make your blogging journey harder than you ever thought before.

Solution :

Talk with your closest person in your life about your intention to become a part time blogger. You can describe what kind of advantage you will get as a blogger (not always in term of money).

Make your environment believe you and take their sympathy to gain more support. After you obtain their attention don’t waste it, show your commitment and dedication on your blogging journey.

Important notes

The key to survive part time bloggers :

You must be a writer. Like it or not you are a writer when you are a blogger. As a part-time blogger means you have to write a good and consistent post in regular periods within short time.

You need to read a lot. When your time to write is not too much then you are going to need lots of inspirations. Reading can be a useful source of inspirations.

You need to master time management since you are also required to dedicate the best in your daily 9 to 5 habits. Make practice on how much time you need to make a single 750 words article. Don’t forget your closest person (best friend, wife/husband, children, ect). Manage your time for your own life and your environment will give you more joy to blog.

The best way to practice your time management ability is make a single post each week. This is only a start, if you enjoy this as time goes by your skill will be improved.

You need to write down your blogging plans. If you are really serious and want to survive the blogging journey then start to write down your plans. You can save those plans in your laptop, print it out and stick it behind your bedroom door, or any other places that make you easy to notice.

You should not worried to much if you only can write one post in a week. Even though you are only managed to make a single post in a week, as long as that post is original you will earn your rewards.

You will never know until you try. One thing for sure is you will get all the benefits as  part-time blogger. And remember benefits are not always in term of money.

So how is it, do you think this post useful for you? Please share it so other can also benefit. How about you? Are you part-time blogger? If you like to share your experience (whether part time or full time) in the comments below I would be more than happy to discuss it.


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