How to Make $30 in 6 Minutes (Make $50 Daily Project – Part 7)

It’s been a while since my last update on this project. Well, it begins with my curiosity on testing one of its features available for members within the program.

With some patience, consistent marketing finally I am able to make constant income using this project. In the last 12 months it simply generate me extra $20 monthly (I said “simply generate” because the hard work I need to do is just clicking).

Here’s my payout within the last 12 months:

Payout in the Last 12 Months

The milestone start when I am highly curious about the “premium membership” which cost me $17 for 1 year validity (considering I am automatically earn around $17 easily in the last 4 months, I just think it is nothing to lose to try it now).

Mulai jadi member premium

Langganan Member Premium Clixsense

As you can see from the screenshot above, I start to be premium member today, August 20, 2015 (and it will be valid until August 20, 2016). $17 for 1 year membership? Fair enough I think. What makes me shock is that I am able to make $30 in 6 minutes just right after I browsing around to check what different feature of being premium member.

How to Make $30 in 6 Minutes?

Based on my observation it is due to the referral program that I have been built (market and promote) in the last 3 years using this program (I joined in 2012 as you can see above). This program gives non-stop “bigger” profits if we are premium member. Well, at least that is my conclusion for now, that kind of benefits enable me to make $30 in 6 minutes. I just wonder how much I can make within 1 month now :). I will give you an update for that; see you in the next 30 days! What you can do?

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