How to Win Friends and Influence People – The Review


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Have you read on ‘Are You Making Connecting with People Online Harder Than it Should Be?’ … an inspiring articles from Corbet Barr of thinktraffic that deliver  nowadays issues for some bloggers in develop a connection to grow their own blogs.

This topic is related with the fundamental message of ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ an inspirational book from Dale Carneige.

The book was written in the 1930’s and intended primarily as a companion book to Dale Carnegie’s classes on how to be a good salesman. In other words, these techniques work very well in the context of sales and public relations. Although the book was originally penned in 1936, it has been updated over the years and its popularity has not diminished. It contains 30 principles of human behaviors that are illustrated with copious examples.

The ‘How to’ session

The book give us a chance to learn how to make people respond to us in an extremely positive and enthusiastic way, how to give praise, curb criticism and avoid arguments with our fellow man. We will learn how to influence people to our way of thinking without them realizing it.

Carnegie uses numerous examples of social interactions that have occurred in his and others lives and instructs us on how we could apply them to our life. It is consist about how to best manage people, improve business relationships or simply to improve ourself as a person.

Parts that I like from the book

Learning from other experiences are the most valuable lessons to be a better us in the future. The descriptions of each parts describe in a listing of a key points which make me easy to use it as a guidance to implement in my blogging plans. I see that this book has a strong image as a practical tips for sales person, thus it fit with my need in monetize blogs.

I have learned that to get monetized we should take into account what we can provide to our costumer, not just display it without any valuable means. But if I look deeper, actually we can see it another way that we could use it better to make a long term relationships in blogosphere that not just limited at making financial benefits. The central ideas from Carniege reaffirm my ways on how I interact through blog.

Something that I have learned from blogging and self-learning experiences. This reaffirmations giving me confidence to keep up for what I am doing right now. As additional benefits It also discuss on leadership role which is contemplate in the last chapter, thus it could be a great alternatives of self-help book in our self development;

Parts that I don’t like from the book The number of anecdotes might be a problem to understand the book clearly. We need really to focus to find the real values are; Some suggestions are repetitive, there is highlight at criticism in three chapters with just expanding  on the same point.

My Opinion

This bookhas highly arguable point of views particularly on whether the fundamental message from the author is genuinely still reliable in now situation or just fit in the 30’s when it first created. Toward these, people have their own perceptions which tend to be contradicted and these conditions have made this book gets its popularity.

Despite the arguable aspects of the book I see it has a valuable message as additional inputs for bloggers to encourage our creativity on making blog articles and to reaffirm our strategy in engage in blog communities, blog comments, social media engagements and facing negative comments that I have experienced in blogging.

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