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How to Get Easy Traffic: Aid for Online Marketer


Easy traffic is interesting because you understand the importance of traffic for online business.

Many have said if you want to earn cash from your blog what you need to do is increase your blog traffics.

TRAFFIC = MORE CHANCE TO GET MONEY, that simple. I personally agree with that, why? If many people come to your blog that is mean you have more opportunity to offer something to them and more possibility you will have the right person who need your services or products.

So easy traffic in this terms is needed not only for bloggers but also for online entrepreneurs.

The problem for most people is hard to get targeted visitors. Particularly if you don’t have a loyal reader or large amount of newsletter subscribers. So the most reasonable thing to do is by invite as many visitor as possible to come and take a look at your blog contents.

There are several methods you can use to get targeted visitors such as blog commenting social sharing, or youtube, etc. If you like to read great post about traffic building tips take a look at 17 Traffic Building Tips, it is so inspiring me.

But this time I like to share my tips to get easy traffic from an online community. I can say it is traffic exchange, it can help you get targeted visitors and build your blog credibility.

Generally there are two methods you can join into the traffic exchange community as a member. The first is paid members (with all the advantages) and free member (you still can get traffic as much as you want).

If you are still wondering why traffic matters, try to take a look at the picture below.

This was last weekends when I had been in the real traffic while drove my car. As you see the sign of “McDonald’s and Hypermart” …. many people turn their vehicle to the two places and spend some cash (buy soft drinks, french fries, snacks, etc) just to evade traffic jam.

That’s what will happen if your blog has good traffic, there will be more opportunity to make money from the product/services that you offered from your blog.

I am going to show you what you can do to get traffic as free member. This is my blogging experience using my free blog ( with linkreferral. Let’s start with the methods.

How to Get Traffic from the services

Your blog will be categorized in the directory, so pick the right classifications that fit your blog contents. You can add some description too so it will clearly describe what other member will get by visiting your blog.

There are rules applied in it. In a day you will have limited action in taking 30 visit to other blog, 5 blog review and 1 forum post. If you done all of it then it is a guarantee your blog will be post in the top of directory pages. Linkreferral stated that in that position you will gain at least 20 visit a days. What I get from that position is range from 10 – 30 visit per day.

If you enjoy making blog comments in other blog then you will enjoy this too. The way it works is similar. As free member all you have to do is take a visit, give blog review and in return other user will do the same to your blog, your blog will reach the top list and the result is traffic!

Each traffic exchange community has the same basic concept to get targeted traffic to your blog. The main different is just how it works. For some services you can set everything and the visit will come automatically.

The Risks

There is negative impacts on traffic exchange community. For the shake of traffic some members have performed “short visit”. What is this mean? For instance in, linkreferral, some members have made “short visit” to fulfill the requirement in taking 30 visits a day, to get listed in first page directory.

In linkreferral a member may take 0:01 second just to get “visit requirement “ listed. That was awful. Yes, this cheat visit could be happened. I have looked at my stats and found some visits that only one seconds. What value you can have in just one seconds? Nothing. So it is clear these visitors just take a visit for the sake of linkreferral first page directories.

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The Good Sides

It really works and you can easily get your targeted visitors. Based on my experiences all the sites I have visited will take counter-visit to my blog.

So just take a look on the directories, pick as many as you want in your niche and start build your connections.

For example : if you have a blog about then maybe you like to take visit

They accept free blog host. They have no problem with free blog host moreover they accept affiliate links to get listed in their directories. This is just what many low-budget bloggers needed.

They also provide referral program which will transform in some amount of cash (paid members only).

Why You Should Try

As I stated in the title, I made this post for alternative solutions to online entrepreneur/blogger that have problem with their budget but they want to get maximum performances. This is only one parts of many things you could do in build online business with low-budgets.

If you are low-budget bloggers and just started your blogging journey and want to get some legitimation from blog traffics …. then traffic exchange might help you.

It is free to join and easy to use.  If you use it smartly everyday and In return you can get instant 100 visitors a week. It will not take long, just like a blog commenting but easier.

I do less effort nowadays in linkreferral under born2sell account since I made NotOrdinaryBlogger.  My suggestions to take the most you can from traffic exchange services is by combining all of your get traffic strategies.

For example, you can combine your blog commenting with traffic exchange services, and see your traffic stats result. This is instant traffic, imagine how many traffic you can get from your daily blog commenting and the services.

So keep your blog commenting plans and add your traffic exchange strategies. The result must be better than your traffic stats before.

So, what is my strategy?

I rarely use the services recently because I am busy with my offline works and I want to build NotOrdinaryBlogger. But normally I will use the services if I have new content in that blog, I have experienced that instant traffic like this will give you great result for text link ads, which I use in born2sell.

Interested ?

As you might already know this kind of services provide two option for members, free and paid memberships. For some services there is only paid memberships who gain the advantages but in some other free memberships could gain the most advantage with some efforts.

So it will give you instant traffic to build your blog credibility. But to turn those traffic into leads or conversions will depends on what services do you provide in your blog, what content does your blog provide and what your visitor want at that time.

Remember the basic principle of sales ” your visitor will buy from you effortlessly when their needs match your offer” . So the best thing you can do is drive as many visitor as you can then the possibility of conversions will be better than before.

If you find this post useful please share it so other can also benefit. So what do you think about traffic exchange community? What is your experiences? I would like to hear it, Feel free to leave a comments!