How to Really Earn from Clickbank : Experiences of Kristi Hines

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Click Bank affiliate is something that many bloggers have tried, I believe that. But in result I am pretty sure not many have succeed in click bank affiliate.

Some expert say that 95% affiliate marketer don’t make any cash and give up shortly after getting started.

Moreover if you talking about Clickbank, there is mystery for many bloggers to make decent dollar from Click Bank.

So … how actually to make a living from  Click Bank.

If you can earn $2,000 in six months from it would that make any change to your life?

Experts says that only 5% success affiliate marketers really earn from this programs. If one of them want to share about they success story, would you like to hear it? well, I do. I have Kristi Hines to discuss some practical things about earn from Click Bank.

Feel free to take the value from this discussion

As you mentioned in your article (dormant account), is there any chance that beginner affiliate can do to overcome that situations?

The only way to keep your Click Bank account active is to ensure that you continuously have incoming commissions.  To do that, you will have to keep promoting your affiliate products in your blog posts, social sharing (when applicable), and email lists.

Many affiliates reluctant to spend money to promote a product, what do you think about that?

The only products I’ve ever had success in affiliate marketing for are ones I have bought myself and thoroughly reviewed.  People are more likely to trust those who have actually used a product & reviewed it vs. those that have used generic sales copy or a rewording of the product sales page.

What do you think best promotion methods that low-budget affiliate marketer could do to make earning from Click Bank?

My most successful affiliate promotion was finding two products that people have trouble deciding one over the other.  I wrote a post on both products – Product A vs. Product B.  It does well in search engines because people are always searching for comparison information between the two, and the best part is I am affiliate for both products.  So no matter which one the reader chooses, I still get a commission.

What you find best in your promotion methods? Do you mind to share how much you have earned from that promotions?

Review posts always do the best for me.  You’ll almost always get traffic on posts with the title (Product Name) Review because people are looking for honest reviews.  Just make yours stand out with additional details you can’t find anywhere else, and you’ll likely start to make some sales.  The one post I mentioned above on the product comparison has made me over $2,000 in six months.

How do you find a particular product to promote from Click Bank? Do you mind to share it?

Most of the products I affiliate for were created by people I connect with on social networks or in person at conferences.  It’s best to find products that you know your audience will like.

What is the best part you like from affiliate program that you have participated in?

The best things to look for with affiliate programs are those that offer the most information for affiliates.  Additional banners, email / blog post copy, etc.  The more creatives you have, the more you will be able to display them in a variety of ways on your website to see which leads to the most sales.


Buy it, use it, and tell it to everyone through your post is believed as the best ways in earn cash from affiliate program.

The practical tips to choose the product is know the vendor and dig more on what they have to support you as affiliate.

Finally make a distinct promotional campaign, and wait for the result. I would like to add one more on the tips, perseverance

Wait for the result is the hardest part in here. As you know, Kristi has made $ 2,000 in six months, that was so encouraging for others to try. But the impact for every affiliate marketer would not be the same, you could earn more or less.

… that are the strong messages I have learned from our discussion. Thanks Kristi.

Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and social media enthusiast who uses affiliate marketing to earn additional income online.

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So … please share this post if you find it useful so other could also take benefit. How about your affiliate experience with Click Bank, I would like to hear it, Please feel free to leave it in comment boxes below!

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