How to Convert Traffic into Money

convert trafficMay be it sounds familiar? Some program has that kind of offer, to monetize your traffic. But, I am not going to talk about that here. More likely I like to share on how you can convert traffic into money using all the existing modality.

One of the hardest part in blogging for a living is convert traffic into money. You are absolutely wrong to do the “hard sales”, a sales method that push visitors making you money. You’ll freak away the visitors. Do smart sales instead.

Blog has all the benefits to make smart sales work for you. All you need is provide value within your blog and let your blog convert traffic into money.

Convert traffic into money using blog post optimization

Your blog is your sales page. That’s the simple meaning of it. The best thing to convert traffic into money is to increase your average time visits on blog. The longer the visitors spend on your blog the better the chance to convert traffic into money.

You need to start with a good headline for each of your posts. Title is good start to pull the reader’s attraction. Well, title is not the final task, you have to provide value within your post. No matter how many similar topics out there, you need to provide one more value through your post.

Furthermore, It’s not a sin to insert affiliate links to generate sales within your post, as long as it has correlation with the topics you’re discussed. Before you do this, make sure you already have clear policy on your implementation of links on blog.

Convert traffic into money using blog tools (plugins and themes)

Exposure and duration are the fundamentals to convert traffic into money. In this case, plugins and themes take an important role.

Plugins that are useful to increase pageviews inline with the duration needed to earn money from blog. There are many plugins available for this purpose you just need to select one and install it on your blog.

Recent posts, popular posts, most commented posts, related posts are some example that you should take into consideration for better exposure and duration.

The next will be the theme. I am not suggest to particular brand but static sidebar is the basic concern to convert traffic into money. Why this is matter? It’s for ensuring the exposure of your money making offers. Do you realize that visitors need some time deciding to click on the links and banners (whether it’s ads or not).

The chance is better for them clicking on your offer after they have value from your blog post. Let them spend more time enjoying your post while keep the offers visible on the sidebar. If the post is highly related with the offers provide on your sidebar there is huge opportunity they’ll take action on it. In the end, you are able to convert traffic into money.

Here’s some recommendation of themes.

Convert traffic into money using the perfect offers

The last but not least is the perfect offers you should choose. There are many compelling ads available that you can join in. Ads is just an example here, you can change those ads with whatever you want to show to your visitors.

Interconnection between the offers you give and the post you provide is more likely important to be concerned.

Here’s some example :

If you are making a post about “self-improvement” and you have highly attractive title, detail of the topics inside your post that raises many questions then on the sidebar you should have some e-books offer about self-improvement.

This is a smart strategy to convert traffic into money. Readers will take the value from your post while on the flip side they’ll notice about related books to read on your sidebar. It’s a soft marketing that encourage readers to click (and may be bought) from your link without telling them to do so.


Please do remember that people never like to force to buy. People like to purchase valuable stuff. If you are having a plan to convert traffic into money within your blog then use these tips as your fundamental strategy. Put the value in the forefront of your post and let visitor feels encourage to make you money. Both you and visitors will take the value without any disappointment.

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