How to Break Readers Resistance to Buy from Your Blog?

Do you ever wonder why some bloggers manage to break readers resistance to buy from their blog?

I just thinking there must be something special with their articles …. something that break readers resistance to click those affiliate links and purchase through your recommendation. But what is it? What makes it special?

Before I go directly to disclose the special thing, let me share some experience from my past … my school time …..

If you remember students at school is bit hard to manage moreover if you are a teacher for high-school students.

So, let’s start …

There was announcement that we were having assembly with a special guest from one of government agencies on youth development.

Once I heard “government agency” … I just thought oh gosh … It going to be bored afternoon. The only reason I’ve got cheer up was because that assembly mean we are off the last class that day.

Soon after we arrived, we look the two people, man and women were waiting for all of us at the meeting hall, both of them have prepared to welcome us with the mics.

Did you know what they’re doing for “ice breaker”? They started telling jokes. They made fun of many people on school structures, let’s say principal, superintendent, teachers, etc.

That’s wasn’t all, they started make fun of their families and relatives. I wasn’t realized that time but all of us were paying focus on them. We were quickly hooked. We were thinking … these people were like us …. made fun of people around us.

There is nothing we do but focus on their jokes until suddenly those joking talk became a bit serious … at some point it got very serious.

People they’d jokingly told us about earlier, turned out that they got addicted by drugs and died young. And the women friend’s … we realized she’d infected AIDS, and slowly wasted away over the couple of years.

By the end of the session, the entire students were in tears. High school students had been moved to tears by an assembly. Do you remember being high school students? High school student can be categorized as hard audience. They come along into assembly with a very serious defensive wall up… but these people from government agency had gotten through that wall, and had sneaked their message passed our defenses.

In that school assembly, those two people sold us several things we didn’t come in wanting to buy. They sold us on the idea that trying on drugs was a very bad one. They sold us on thinking twice about doing bad things.

How did they do that? How did they sell so resistant an audience on concepts they didn’t even want to buy?

My only answer is : They used stories.

They got us interested, and then they showed us how the stories we were already interested in forced us to draw a few strong, logical conclusions.

You’ve got the point here haven’t you?

How selling things from blog work for this?

It is work for selling things from blog, but remember that you’ve got to use this stuff ethically and carefully. You’re in blogging business, and you’d be a huge, sleazy jerk if you emotionally manipulated your readers (potential costumers) using lies.

But what if your story showed them how you overcame the same problem they have… using what you’re selling with  products?

What if your story told them how the product you have to offer is a better option in their lives than something they’re using now… because it was a better option in your life?

And the best part is that the methods does not make you feel like selling. So many people say, “I just can’t sell stuff”. Well, that’s normal. We’ve been collectively ruined by the hard-seller online marketer of the world, who try to pressure us into buying things we don’t want or need.

You shouldn’t be like that. It’s understandable why you don’t want to sell, or think you’re terrible at it.

But can you tell a story? Can you tell a story with a personality that leads logically to a conclusion?

I believe you can.

This simple methods has made me $2,000 potential earning from affiliate marketing of one particular product. Interesting don’t you think?

That’s why stories are good to break readers resistance to buy from your blog. So what do you think about this? Please share us some of your insights about it 😀


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