How to be Transparent Bloggers

After knowing the benefits of applying transparency within your blog it’s a good timing to know the best practice on how to be transparent bloggers.

The greatest benefits of a blogger can gain by increasing transparency is greater connection with their readers.

If you’re new in blogging then it’s the right to learn how to be transparent bloggers within the topic you choose yet if you’re expert bloggers these tips could be a good reminder on your blogging journey.

There’s no need for longer introduction, let’s jump on to the tips 🙂

4 Tips to be transparent bloggers easily

Talk about your passion

If you’re blog about your passion that’s one step closer to be transparent blogger. You can easily build your brand because you do well with your blog. Like-minded people will easily get connected to you in many ways. Just remember that it’s not about being a blogger that knows everything but you should know what you are doing. It’s important to be viewed as experts but that doesn’t mean you have to pretend to know about anything.

Here’s an example :

If you are blogging in weight-loss niche and someone asking for help about web design what will you do? It’s a great chance to make money over it but you’ll look better if you refer her to one of your networks in web design expertise.

The sample above gives you advantage of being resourceful person in the eyes of others. Don’t be afraid of losing money this way, you’re actually build network and credibility over it.

Have your own voice  

When you talk about being success in blogging thus uniqueness should be one of your concerns. Having your own voice through your post is believe the best way to stand-out the crowd. No matter what people said on the same topics you’ll find yourself different because it comes from your own experience. In the end you can take responsibility for anything you have published.

Responsibility at this stage would be needed to gain natural and attractive engagement. Once readers put their comments on your post whether to disagree, to ask, or to support you can easily respond it.

Welcome others opinion

One of the risks of blogging is being reached easily. Once you have published your post that’s mean everyone on the net can read it as far as your blog alive. Depend on your comment policy, you’ll find others opinion on your post somehow.

No matter how bad their sharing opinions through comments you need to welcome those feedback yet it all depends on your comment’s policy. However, the real value is the openness of having others opinion.

Be honest

There are many form of honesty in blogging. However, the most simplest thing of being open through blog are from the use of image, link source, free report and the policy applied on blog. There’s no body perfect, then it’s wise to admit mistake.

If you are speaking to someone who does not seem to know what they are talking about, chances are you are going to take your business elsewhere. Be honest through your post should avoid that to happen, because reader’s will easily find out your passions and they’ll respect you for that.

Value Makes You Transparent

Frankly speaking, bloggers who actually love what their doing will be transparent naturally. Writing on your passion affect the way you engage visitors that enjoy your blog. They can easily take the value inside and understand on what you’re trying to deliver. Thus, you will always be transparent in their eyes.

These tips on how to be transparent bloggers should help guide you into the best practices of an effective transparency strategy that will set you apart from the crowd. When others learn that you can be trusted to share your valuable insight, they will reward you with more of their business.

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