How to avoid Blank Blog Post Syndrome in Three Simple Steps

Based on my experience, the most challenging factors for blogger in build their blog is to make the genuine contents constantly. I’m include the one who suffer for that problem.

But is there a way actually to overcome this issue? I’ve made steps in the past that useful for me and might useful for you too. I’m the one that likes the practical things more than the theory. I have mentioned about Heidi Cohen on ‘One Small Change that will Makes Your Blogging for Money Better’.

She is one of the experts that I follow so far. She has given me inspirations to write this post through ‘12 Suggestions to Overcome Blank Blog Post Syndrome’. It is one of her great posts.

The basic problem If have found the basic problem of this issue is inspiration. Its normal if you ever feel extremely have a great ideas in your head but the situation doesn’t give you a chance to write it immediately. This is happen to me a lot. Those great ideas generally comes when I am in unready conditions. This is really awful, when I’m ready the ideas blown away.

Step I. Capture the inspirations smartly Inspirations is crucial particularly for blogger in making a content. There is a way explained by expert to capture the unpredictable ideas but I see that we have bare in mind the  right moment.

Inspirations normally comes when we are engaging in social activities with friends, clients, or relatives in the real life. Capture it in a smart ways. Let me give you some example. I’ve experienced this kind of idea coming to me when I’m engage in a meeting.

Don’t let yourself look so busy thus people around you feel being ignored, that would joepardize our own social relations. Capture information for blogger is as important as maintain the good relations in the real life.

Heidi Cohen has a smart suggestions at this as she said to capture fleeting blog post ideas before they vanish, keep an old fashioned notepad or a page on your smart phone where you can jot down notes of things that have the potential to become blog posts. This takes practice. Early on, it’s hard to come up with ideas for topics. Stir the pot and ask readers and colleagues for ideas.

What I’m strongly recommend to use is using our smart-phone. Using this gadget (in smart ways) not making us look weird than using a notepad. This is one of the actual challenge for blogger to face. As I ever said work from blog doesn’t make us any different with those office workers (or may be even worst … bloggers have to deal with maintain the real life relationship and a blog survival).

Step II. Collect Your Best Articles One of the greatest source of inspirations is through a reading process. Read all your best articles which you collect from others. You can never imagine what this habit can change your productivity in creating contents. I have done this, I read all my “expert’s” articles many times a day. What did I get? I feel more confidence in making a post.

Furthermore I have learned something else important … the writing style of each experts that I admired. They have their own style. Doing things like this several times a day will make ourself  instantly have their writing style. But we have to be careful at this stage. We need to understand that every people have their own style, thus we have to digest the positive value from them and make it works for us in creating more value.

Collecting your best articles have another beneficial affects. It will form our habit that benefits blogger

These kind of habits will grow our sense in catching the important message from what happen in front of us. Being like this, we will see obstacle easily and react calmly toward problems.

We can simply collect it in MS Words, or another form of database you like. In doing this don’t forget to include the complete web address link of those articles. We have to be honest by giving links to related articles that will re-affirm our opinion. Important point at this step is … the legal aspect of copyright.

We have to respect the original writers, give links to them to support our statements.

Step III. Don’t wait to be e-mail newsletter subscribers. The more we read the more we will learn. The more we learn the better we see things. This is my biggest mistake as new blogger in the past. I don’t want to share my email to other bloggers. But it doesn’t mean we have to disclose our email to anyone.

We can use email as our valuable source of inspirations. What are the greatest things from being a subscriber? We help other blogger to build their accountability. This is action number 21 from Corbet Barr article “21 Quick Actions You Can Do Today to Set Your Blog Up for Massive Success”. And whats you’ll get? Many inspirations to write for your own post. You know the ‘Law of E-mail subscribers’? Expert blogger needs more subscribers for accountability.

This conditions could be an advantage for us … the newbie … . Once we are subscribed we will have important informations from them. Let say for example I have subscribed to John Chow and Shoemoney. What did I want? I want to understand deeper on what blogging for money is.

What did I find? I have understood better on monetize through affiliates program, and furthermore I have a valuable insight from Affiliate Summit West 2012 which I’m not participated directly. Those (expert) bloggers will do their best efforts to their loyal readers (email subscribers).

This is what I understand for being a subscribers. It gives more advantage to new blogger like me. I will notice the updates situations in particular niche just from the post updates that I’ve received in my email. From this updates we could have our own predictions about what is going on, let say in ‘Affiliates Sales’ development.

Besides important information through email we will also find a Free ebook with valuable insight. This is what happen in blogosphere nowadays. Free eBook is the magnet for subscribers. It is deemed as the most effective ways to increase the email newsletter subscribers.

I have 7 free eBook so far that I get from experts that become my valuable source of inspirations in creating blog posts. If we can see it in extra-ordinary ways, being a subscriber is a win-win solutions for new blogger to build a new blog. The experts got what they want (increasing amount of email subscribers) and us (new blogger) got what we need. So why don’t you start to find those experts in your niche, get subscribed and get smarter than before.

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