Generate Money ($400 a month minimum) from Cheerleader Training Niche

Cheerleader Training NicheCheerleader related to energy, power, young, and spirit. Oftentimes cheerleader comprising of beautiful young teenage girls that perform specific dance attracting many attentions. Cheerleader mostly perform on particular moment, usually on sport events like football, hockey, baseball and many more.

Actually sport events is not the only place cheerleader can perform. A carnival or parade can also have cheerleader performance. Professional cheerleaders can perform in many occasion locally or internationally.

Cheerleader activity start from schools as a part of extra activity a student can take after the class. Those who join cheerleader team usually getting popular fast, that is why many girls love to join the cheerleader team of their school.

School that offers cheerleader activity might need an assistance of a professional trainer. It is not an easy job to train a group of girls to perform a skillful dance in front of the crowd, isn’t it?

The increasing of the cheerleaders’ extracurricular in schools have boosted the demand for professional trainer in schools. This is the potential of cheerleader training niche.

One of the professional trainer in Indonesia is Ami Sulistiyo in Jakarta. He has started the business since 2005. At the moment he is the trainer of two cheerleader teams at different school. Although you are experienced trainer, it is not an easy job to train two teams at a time because you have to create particular dancing concepts for each team.

Ami started to interest in cheerleader training niche when she saw the combination of dance and attraction in one of cheerleader performance. A throwing-performance is the most difficult one in cheerleader attraction, something that challenge his goal as a trainer.

Basic Training Materials

You need persistence and consistency to train cheerleader team. This is mainly because most of the students that join in the team has no basic skills. Training must be started from the basic technique like physic, throwing, and even dieting.

Physical training is important because cheerleader need much of your energy. That is why not all girls can be a cheerleader. Normally, a physical training conduct three times a week.

The schedule can be very hectic when the team prepare for the competition or events. As trainer, it is impetus to create enjoyable environment for them to exercise. It is mental and physical activity that can raise emotion, thus conducive environment needed to make the students keep on the hectic training schedule.

The other challenge is the consistency of the student. Sometimes a student sign up for cheerleader team just for a social style. This is when a trainer need to know how to motivate student to keep the spirit to win the achievement through cheerleader activity.

The choice of music must be done correctly. Trainer must have particular time to choose the best music, or make his own by mixing the music. You can hire expert to provide music that is perfect for the team performance.

The idea of dancing concept should always improve by the trainer. Ami told that he always search for inspiration of dancing concept through the cheerleader video performance in locals or other countries. With the help of internet today, Ami doesn’t find any difficulties to do that.

As a trainer he managed to generate 4 million rupiah (around $400) a month from one cheerleader team. The more popular your reputation as a trainer the more money you can earn from this particular niche. This is reliable niche because there is no season in cheerleader, as long as the school stand so is the cheerleader team.


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