Deciding Domain Names? URL Is Not a Brand Name


One day, I was talking with an online start-up organization that had some reasonable budgeting source. They were enthusiastic about a little bit of speaking with skills from me and had expected about the appropriate domain name techniques to help launch their company. They instantly began looking at prospective domain names which were on the marketplace, and they were willing to invest quite a bit of cash. To be frank, I’m not sure if that creates a lot of logical sense.

Actually, the domain name may not be as essential as you think, and surely not for the same purpose. Basically, there’s a distinction between a valuable domain name, or an unforgettable domain name and what is required to catch brand name identification from the on the prospective customer.

If you have read “Deep Branding on the Internet by Marc Braunstein and Edward H. Levine” there’s actually great part that highly related to this discussion.

Basically in the chapter two describe that “URL is Not A Brand’.

Only because you cyber-squatted an excellent URL, doesn’t mean that any organization should buy it and believe that this will be sufficient for appropriate marketing. Although some of these online squatted titles did offer for huge amount of money such as “Business (dot) com” which was one example used in the book, it doesn’t mean that is a brand identity, just as having a domain name such as “sports vehicles (dot) com” is not a brand.

Now this doesn’t implies those aren’t excellent “internet real stuff” properties to buy, they surely are, but there is much more to it than that. After all, what is a Yahoo, Bing, Google Facebook or Zynga, etc.? These days, those are excellent brand names. The truth is those websites probably didn’t price much of anything, may be the creators of those organizations deliberated an excellent name for a organization, or something exclusive, and then authorized those domain names for a very low price. They didn’t invest huge amount of money to buy them.

Often times start-up company owners think that they need a specific domain and can therefore improve the company performance. Some really think that if others have already purchased such a domain name then there is too much competitors on the net and they will never be able to generate any cash. That’s just not the situation, that’s not how it performs. Just take a minute and consider all this and think about it.

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