How to Decide the Best Blog for Blog Commenting


Best blog for blog commenting? Which one? I believe “blog commenting” is popular term for bloggers around the globe. It’s not just a simple form to spread the buzz about your existence on the net but also a smart way to deliver expertise through opinion.

But there’s nothing wrong if I give some refreshment on what blog commenting is.

So what is it?

People who like to get involved with the blog post can share their views in the form of comments and this is known as blog commenting. It is one feature of the blog which is cannot be found in static websites. In simpler words, blog commenting is a communication between the blog owners and the post readers wherein they exchange their thoughts and establish a good relationship through it.

When you spend the time for blog commenting, you are expressing your passion to acknowledge and validate the writer with your presence and design as well to expand the conversation.You must remember that when you take the time to do blog commenting, you do so because you are compelled by the writing, the subject and your intentions must come from a place where you feel that you can add to the conversation and not distract from the writer. Comments are way to create a community on blog, not just for those who wish to link to your success.

Your comments matter to others, frankly speaking, it’s the highest form of gratitude you can pay blogger for their ideas. We need to remember that comments are not for self promotion only, rather, an ability to connect on the net with writers and expand the conversation of the blogs you read. It’s not a time to just comment for the sake of commenting, rather, a time to truly connect with relevant people.

The advantages of blog commenting

Blog commenting has many advantages. I have noted below a few which I have gained through it. Here they are :

  1. Easy method to promote my blog and as a result the visibility of my blog has increased.
  2. Original method to drive targeted traffic to my blog and to get new readers.
  3. Smart method to establish a good relationship with blog owners and they take a visit back in turn to do the needful things for me.
  4. Effective method to build good backlinks to my blog.

All the experiences told me about two important things to notice when decide best blog for blog commenting. The two things that bring better engagement, better making-money-from-blog-opportunity, and better popularity. All of that comes from one simple blog commenting.

Understanding those benefits through blog commenting you need to measure which blog is best for blog commenting. In this case, rank and popularity aren’t the priority. There’s more important aspect you need to consider when starting blog commenting than just that. Here they are :

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Choose blog that publish your comment

The approval of blog comments are totally dependent on the user of that blog. So, always comment the legal and related to the post. Before commenting, try to read and understand the complete blog. And simply a blog commenter can’t have any option with this. Just try to make a good and quality comment.

Its useless if you always type in comments on high rank blog but your comment never get published. You just wasting time to do so. Focus on blogs that appreciate your time showing your comments to their readers.

Choose blog that respond to your comment

Blog is social form on the net. Thus you need to be sure that there’s life on it. A respond is a good sign that a blog is not a ghost town. A conversation that formed by you and the writer or the blog owner show a good relationship that encourage trust in the eyes of other readers.

Chance is readers going to click on your comment link because they have put trust on you based on the conversation you made. In the end, you may have the chance to grab new readers for your blog.

Which One is Best Blog for Blog Commenting?

That’s it. The two aspects to consider to decide best blog for blog commenting. May be you are wondering why some aspects not include here. Let’s say “choose blog with relevant niche” or “choose blog with higher rank”.

I have seen myself that not all blogs are build as blogs. What I mean is there are many blogs don’t put attention on readers respond such as blog comments. This simply waste your time leaving comments there. Or its simply show that the blog is not fit for blog commenting. You can engage in different ways such as direct advertising or guest blogging.

That is why knowing blogs that publish your valuable comment is important for your long term blog marketing plan.

I know you must have different experience on how to decide best blog for blog commenting, that is why I really love to hear your own story about it. Please do share it in comments below 🙂