Cool Free Tools to Alert Downtimes on Your Websites

downtimesDowntime period seems to be a regular problem for blogger. No matter how good your web host might be, it just a matter of time to face it.

Downtime issue will occur only if visitors realize it. So, practically speaking, only web host provider know this, and you can also know it through the proper tools.

If you wondering to discover at which time your websites having dowtimes, here’s some cool free tools to alert downtimes on your websites.

Binary Canary

This free service make you able to choose the surveillance regularity as 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 60 minutes. You are able to observe 5 websites, and when the websites are down, you will get email alert, but SMS notification not available.


Hyperspin available in several ‘languages’ and several tracking places, but it did not contemplate how many. If you registered in free account, the websites will run auto detect every 60 minutes, and you will get a message alert when the websites are down. Like the binary canary, SMS notification not available for free account.


You can use Pingdom to observe your web host every 5 minutes, and when downtimes is coming, Pingdom will alert you via SMS, email or even twitter. But, there’s only one website you can submit for detecting with free registered users platform. So, if you have more than one websites, you have to pay for premium account.


When applying free users account in AlertX, you are able to observe 1 website, which will be auto-observed every 3 hours. When the webiste is down, you will get a message alert. As free users, SMS alert is not available.

Are My Sites Up

As a free registered users, your website will be observed every 60 minutes. You are able to handle your account fast with iPhone up to 5 websites. Moreover you can get endless SMS alert. But there will be ads on your dashboard preview.

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That’s all the cool free tools to alert downtimes on your blog. Feel free to add more if there’s something miss in above tips 🙂

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