How Consumer Psychology Can Help You Increase Returning Visitors to Your Blog?

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As you may know, I didn’t plan to build email subscriber lists on notordinaryblogger yet. The only reason is the blog concept itself, it’s two language blog. I am still on search for the proper methods to build my own.

But … it doesn’t mean I can’t have them …. 🙂

Even though you can’t have or may be you don’t have a huge lists of subscriber yet, you still can increase returning visitors to your blog.

I think every blogger will agree if I said that every visitors are matters. So you will like to have returning visitors to your blog on a consistent time won’t you?. The good news is … It is possible to do that.What make them return?

The key point is to take a good care of them through your blog content.

I always thinking that doing any stuff online is not completely different with offline stuff, there must be some relations on both online and offline activity. In this case you can learn easily on consumers psychology on a convenience store.

Why Consumer Psychology Takes Places?

Consumer psychology is a particular studies that learn how people buy a certain product or services …. (my personal conclusion from many sources on the net. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong 🙂 )

Circle K Image :

I have recently visited “Circle K” here in my country Indonesia. There are lot of similar store in here and Circle K is just one of them.

Why visitors keep coming and buying  to “Circle K”?. I am eagerly ask some of the buyers with simple questions, why do they buy something there? Some reasons are they familiar with the store, it located near the road/it has strategic places (so it’s easy to stop by and buy something in relatively short of time), they have complete items which can’t find elsewhere, clean store environment, good hospitality, the price is not too expensive.

There are obvious reasons why they are becoming Circle K returning visitors … it gives what visitors needs.

In term of blog/website ……

Returning visitors happens because they like what you offer, in simple words …. your blog content match their needs. They’ll keep coming back to get what they want … again and again.

Basic Psychology of Blog Visitors

From an informal chat I have made with several bloggers friend through facebook or personal email I can tell you some reasons why someone take a visit to your blog.

The most common reason is they know you somewhere on the net. It’s interesting to know that search engine (organic traffic) is not the first reason to appear. Knowing your personality from your signature somewhere on the net is more likely to build you relationship with your upcoming returning visitors.

It can be caused by your guest posting on other blog or website, your article submissions, comments on another blog or may be you have got interviewed.

Once they know you somewhere they’ll take visit to your blog from the existing link provided there. Thus they’ll increase your referral traffic. Or they just type your blog name on search engine and click on available link (your blog name is easy to remember)

If you can impress them on the very first moment they arrived at your blog, it’s a sure fire they’ll be your next returning visitors, because they just found what they are looking for.

Yes impression is crucial. There are many reasons why visitors impressed by your blog, let’s say design, theme color, navigation, etc. But the basic thing you can do to impress your every single visitors is through your own content quality. Make a stand-out article as your landing page to impress your new visitors and turn them into your returning visitors.

Through simple analogy of “Circle K” buyers and understanding the basic psychology of blog visitors there are actually some  great strategies to increase returning visitors to your blog.

The Six Strategies to Increase Returning Visitors to Your Blog

1. Add More Quality Posts That They Can’t Find Elsewhere. Quality post happen when your own perspective actually comes into play. You would like to connect along with your visitors. You need to let your own experiences to embed inside your story. You should let visitors know you might have solutions on their problems and that you are exists to help them. This obviously will make your blog unforgettable and can make a good impressions to your visitors. And this will lead to transform first time visitors into returning visitors even though you don’t build subscriber lists yet.

2. Make Sequences of Posts. If you have unique story to tell, by all means try to break up into a number of posts. Let your visitors know when they can expect your next post and be sure you keep up with your own word as promised. It is a smart way of getting your visitors coming back more often. Moreover it will allow visitors to get the whole story in a consistent range of time. You will have constant traffic from it. It is a powerful plan all the way around to have your own returning visitors.

3. Have Predictable Time of Publish. If you actually post once or twice a week, try out your best to post almost every once or twice. It’s not a must to be detail on particular days. Visitors like pattern, and you want to get those to visit your blog as portion of their routine activity. The secret is to let them know. How to do this if you don’t have subscriber lists?

There is social media remember? And there are billions of people on there and they are your potential readers. Make an announcements, it’s easy …..

Those who already knows you from facebook, if they like your content, they’ll definitely take a visit after seeing your announcement. If they are well-impressed, they’ll wait for your next announcement.

4. Encourage Visitors to Leave Comments. If you really want to get some comments on your contents, then ask them to leave some of it. Give them a reason why they have to leave some comments on it. Leave a clear call to action at the end of your contents.

(read: Matt Smith Views of OnlineIncomeTeacher on Blog Commenting)

Why do this affect your returning visitors? It’s all about relationship. Visitors like to read a blog that they already familiar with. You can build this “familiar” chemistry through active interaction of your comment boxes.

Good conversational interaction will drive first time visitors into returning visitors to your blog because more likely they want to be more involve in your interaction. They will do that in your future posts.

5. Try Your Best to Get Social Proof. Social media today has it’s power to affect visitors psychology. The better social signals you have the better visitors perspective on your blog as a whole. It’s a sign that your blog is worth reading.

Though you don’t have subscriber lists, this social proof can be a strong signals, that they are worthy to come back and read your posts again and again. In the end they’re your returning visitors.

Read :
Achieving Social Signals?
Or take a look on Social Signals Marketing

Additional tips to increase returning visitors ……

6. Comments on other related articles. Once you published your latest article you can do blog commenting the smart ways. Pull out your blog lists, take a visit and put your best comment on related blog articles. (with this tips you will be able to leave valuable comments because you have the same topic of discussions)

For example :

I’ve made and published a post titled “How to Boost Traffic Blog through Blog Commenting” then I take a visit to ( my new friend blog’s 🙂 ) and put comments on “Why do I Respond to Every Comment on My Blog and Why You Should Too”.

This way, you will have targeted visitors and the next move is all depends on your blog contents as visitor come to read your perspective on a similar topic. If they get impressed, I believe they’ll keep coming back as your returning visitors.

That’s all the six strategies ……

How is Your Returning Visitors?

As I have mentioned that I don’t have email subscribers thus I put a lot of efforts on evaluating my traffic reports. I concluded that direct traffic is an effect of a good brand of your blog in the eye of visitors. It has one mean, they’ve got what they want from your blog. Let’s take a look on my data comparison of direct traffic for the last two months :

Interesting doesn’t it? 😀

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Thanks for reading …..

That’s how consumer psychology give me a tips to increase returning visitors to my blog, I believe you have some other cool tips to increase returning visitors why don’t you share us on comment box below.



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