Changes in SEO Industry since Google’s Panda Algorithm


changes-in-seo-industrychanges-in-seo-industryThis guest post is by Jessica

How SEO has been changes since Google implemented its major update- “Panda”? I tried to answer this question, but I was failed to get a clear answer to it.

And at last I had to stop myself because, to be very frank, it is not possible to catalog different strategies or techniques that people use in their optimization efforts.

All those people who are looking for the answer to above question, must also be interested to know if some changes have been introduced in SEO Cycle or not.

Most of the webmasters break the cycle of the Search Engine Optimization in following 7 steps:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Content Creation
  3. Link Building
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Measurement of Results
  6. Analysis
  7. Taking Corrective Action

The SEO process can have more points or steps. However the above mention SEO Cycle shows the fundamental steps which most of the people follow.

Even after Panda, we are still doing Keyword Research, creating backlinks and content. All these tasks we used to do earlier too. The only thing which has been introduced here is “Social Media Marketing”.

So, if you say that Google Panda has revamped the SEO process, then it would be a wrong statement as all the tasks are still being done in present time. However the implementation of these tasks is changed for sure. The implementation depends on various factors such as what are your available resources, what are your goals or objectives, how you have optimized your website in past etc.

At present, many people have changed their way of doing business with Google. They believe in targeting less keywords, focusing more on quality content. We can definitely thank Panda for bringing about these changes.

2 Major Changes brought by Google Panda are as follows:

1.       Creation of Unique and Quality Content

Earlier, people used to place copied content on their website. As a result of this, multiple websites were available with same piece of information. However, after the launch of panda, it became extremely important to have not only unique but a meaningful content. Due to this, spinning of content was discouraged and people have started creating informational content for their visitors.

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2.       More focus on Social Media Marketing

2 years ago, social media opened its wings for Website Owners to promote their business or website on various social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace etc. And now, it has become an integral part of SEO process. Your Website Optimization Process would be incomplete without social media. It can give you relevant traffic and helps you in improving the “Brand Awareness” for your business. The essence of SMM is Viral Marketing which says sharing with 1 can become sharing with multiple persons.

Now some new Social Networks like Pinterest, Google Plus have also become popular in short span of time. You can use these networks for your Internet Marketing Strategy.

Because of these changes, people have started hiring professional SEO services for optimizing their website as to ensure that every task is done as per Google\’s latest guidelines.

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