Business Potential of the Canvas Photo Printing

Business Potential of the Canvas Photo Printing in IndonesiaSpecial moments related to particular events such as birthday or marriage is once in a lifetime opportunity that is why many people have the needs to capture the moments. One of many way people can do it is through canvas photo printing.

The trend of photo printing today has shifted from paper based photos to canvas based photo. The size can be bigger too, almost the same size as painting. This business potential has emerged around the corner. It was Slamet Wahidi that is cached the opportunity with the brand “Media8” in Kediri, East Java since 2009. Now he has managed three canvas photo printing outlets in Kediri, Batu and Malang.

Partnership to Grow Canvas Photo Printing

As business owners, we have to be smart and creative to develop the business. In term of canvas photo printing, Media8 has offered partnership to all investor since 2012. The owner, Slamet offer an investment package of 80 million rupiah (around US$ 80,000) for a partnership in opening a canvas photo printing outlet.

With that amount of money, investor will get a set of canvas printing machine with the supporting software, a set of computer, scan machine, photocopy machine, printer, brochure, employee uniform and standard operating procedure. Media8 also provide training to the employees to teach them run the business. The training materials such as photo editing, designing and printing.

Investor can sell the canvas printing based on the size and canvas quality. The smallest size canvas can be priced for Rp 30.000 (around US$ 3) where the biggest at Rp 300.000 (around US$ 30). Besides the printing business, an outlet can also offer frames in many sizes.

$10,000 sales a month

The owner shared that one of his canvas photo printing can make $10,000 sales a month. There is a different sale amount an outlet can make depends on the location. The lowest sale made by an outlet is around $4,000 a month.

An investor will have to pay 5% royalty from the monthly sales revenue. With all the calculation (material, employee salary, rent and other operational expenses), investor can make a net income around 40% of the total sales being made monthly.

So far there are three partnership outlets open in Kalimantan, Lombok and Kendal. One more will be opened in Madiun.

Permanent Chairman of the Franchise and License Committee of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry adding that photo printing business has its own market and has the potential to grow. This business can run in all seasons, follow the human need and the technology development. One important factor to be considered is the location of the canvas photo printing outlet. A strategic place can affect the total sales being made every month.

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