Be a Better Blogger in 2015

Easy Guide to Be a Better Blogger in 2015

The year 2014 is about to end in a count of days ahead. May be many of you will start to make a promise to do better next year or in other words make a resolution.

I don’t make any resolution though but something I have learned this year that having a good guide can help a lot in having better result. In term of blogging, traffic is the lifeblood of our blog, I think many will not disagree with that. Notordinaryblogger just get the constant 1000 daily unique visitors in the last three months. The achievement is reached through a written methods that turn into guidance and habit that lead into better result.

I take the note everything and will use it as a guidance to lead better result in 2015. I can say this is my resolution : maintain the growth and increase the highly targeted visitors. Here they are:

Start Profitable Blog

Blogging Mood

 Start to Be Awesome

Give Some Tweak

Invite Audiences

Social Media Tips

Time Management

Fund the Blog


That’s all my personal tips to guide to a better blogger in 2015. Hope you find it useful


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