Best Ad Network for Small Publisher

When you starting a new blog recently you may realize the chance to make money from your blog as publisher. The next question may rise is that what best ad network for small publisher?

It is true that some ad network will have certain requirements for accepting blogger as publisher yet some other ad network may more flexible in this case. This is an open opportunity for you to start publishing ads on your blog although you just start it recently. What are those ad network?

Here they are the 4 best ad network for small publishers


Adsptp is ad network that based on cpm and cpc basis. This mean you will get paid for every traffic and every click happen on their ads.

There is no strict traffic requirements to join the network while the payout limit is $10. It is good ad network to try to see how good your click through rate strategy to generate bigger income as publisher.

You don’t need a blog to earn with adsptp because they provide promotional page you can have to earn commission each visitor come to that page.

I am not too active using it though and just add it on free blog platform with no update content. Here’s the progress so far.

Check Adsptp


HeroCPM is another ad network that also in cpm and cpc basis with various advertising format. This way publisher can have more chance to generate income easily.

By far, there is no strict traffic requirements to join herocpm that makes this ad network friendly to new born blog. They have $5 payout limit. A very low payout that is good for new blog.

Different from adsptp, you can not using free blog platform publishing herocpm ads.

I will update the payment proof once I get it. Check Herocpm


Adonly is another low traffic friendly ad network that has the same basis as the two previous. This ad network is more alike herocpm but with higher payout limit ($10)

Similar to herocpm, you need to have blog on premium hosting to publish their ads.

Check Adonly


Exoclick is the premium ad network compare to the other mention in this post. It was only delivering adult traffic but now they also provide non adult traffic. The payout limit is quiet high ($20), thus it may takes some time to have your first payout using new blog.

You must have blog with premium hosting to publish exoclick ads.

Check Exoclick

Select The Best Ad Network for Small Publisher

That’s all ad network I can found that are open for small publisher. You can try one of them and apply it on your blog. Put some strategies of banner ad placement and see how it works for your income source. All the best!


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