Advantages of Joining YouTube

Advantages of Joining YouTubeAdvantages of joining YouTube is part two of YouTube series. As you may know the previous post have talked about “Why YouTube Matters”, now we like to deliver some advantages of joining YouTube. Check it out.

YouTube is the famous video sharing website platform nowadays. Regardless of the fact that you have never gone to YouTube before, you are going to be tempted to do so, as you will probably find it entertaining and exciting. YouTube is a video sharing website which permits users, quite similar to you, to upload and distribute video files that they have made. Moreover, the most fabulous thing about YouTube is that it is cost you nothing. Free of charge is one of many advantages YouTube give for it’s users.

YouTube is user Friendly

If you have a gmail account then you’ll get YouTube account also. Just login with your gmail account and that’s it. Most people have a gmail account, so if you are having one it’s already attached with all the google features and YouTube is one of google features.

If you haven’t a gmail account, you can easily signing up with YouTube. You need to fill in some information about yourself. It’s all the basic information in a standard sign up process on the net, it includes the name, place you live, zip code, date of birth, gender etc. And of course your username and password. Make sure you’ll never forget your password and username, it’s all you need to log into your account once it created. This sign up procedures only take a few minutes.

YouTube offers Place to Promote

As long as you have video files, and as a registered members, you can upload a video in YouTube and let the world find out how good your video is. The more popular your YouTube video the more lucrative chances you can get.

How to Make Money with YouTubeYouTube Offers Social Engagement

YouTube is one of the many social media platform. Once you have created YouTube member account you can start to explore other members videos and get interacted. As members you can rate other videos and leave comments to the video owners. This is another form of social engagement besides blogs, facebook, twitter and more.

YouTube offers Business Opportunity

As the busiest video sharing website, YouTube is one of the most lucrative place for business purposes. You name it, backlinks, advertisements, businesses promotion, tutorials, products sample, artists exposure and more. How is this possible? All you need is just upload a video and market your video files on YouTube.

Over to You

Though some users have complained about the business engagement in YouTube platform (in form of advertisements), YouTube is still the giant in the video sharing website these days. Through advertisements, all the actors, video owners and advertisers have their particular benefits from it. Moreover there are a lot of entertainment they have offered for the majority of the users. What else do you need? It’s all complete package in one place.

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