Achieving Social Signals, Why You Should Try It?

May be some of you will start to ask what is it … why that matters? The answer is it can make a difference about your blog or yourself.

First time I heard of it from Daniel Tan, here is the definition :

Social signals is recommendations. They can be in the form of Facebook Likes, or some other way of social media sharing or bookmarking “…… socialmetricspro

Content is king, but a king alone would not stand a kingdom

This is why social signals matters at least for now. It become an important parts of our social networks. For personal branding, it’s a sign to the readers that we have influence online.

The best part about it is personal branding. Do you notice an article that always get a good shares on facebook likes, tweets, google+, or in-share? That could be mean two things ;

  1. The writer is totaly awesome that could attract many social media users to vote their voice to him/her
  2. The article is highly influenced many readers online.

Which one is better?

Both number one and two are good, but if you can achieve the two of them that will be great. Having all the means above is not an easy thing to do at least for me but that doesn’t  mean it can’t be achieved. There is always a way if we want to try. Before we discuss on how to achieve it, let’s take a look first on how it will improve your personal brand.

Social Signals Good for Personal Brand

I like better personal brand than a product.

“If you can achieve your personal brand then I believe whenever and where ever you start online business you’ll survive won’t you?

Social media development such as facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin, etc is mesmerizing. The amount of users on each of social media platform grow fast. This condition has shift the marketing strategy towards social media.

At this stage those who able to manage social signals would have a bigger chance to develop their online business. The best way to start it for bloggers is from your blog post, measure how many social signals you’ve got from every information you provide, the more social signals you have the better your personal brand.

Social Signals Gives More Value

If our main content is a written one, then there will readers come to our blog. Social signals take a part as a strong message to every readers that our article has a value. What else readers want besides the value? No one like to waste their time reading invaluable article.

Maybe not all bloggers intent to make money online, but most of them do have that intention. This value become more important in the middle of the crowded niche. Like it or not, make money blogging is a highly competitive business, thus make sure yours are valuable enough to turn readers into costumers.

How I Achieve It?

This is actually my latest service on social signals marketing. The methods I use is simple, I have modify the email marketing strategy. As the nature of email, thus you need to make improvisation on your written message.

“Make your private message clear, short and simple”. Social media is for social purpose, don’t take too much of social media users time to read your message, and you’ll get their attention.

I have noticed that every social media platform has its own nature. Thus conventional email marketing to get extra vote on each social media platform would be great strategy. But remember, each platform would not give you the same result.

What Do I Search?

As a form of activity, I do blog for a living purpose while at the same time I can share a valuable solution. Wouldn’t that be great? Helping people and make a living on the same time?  I have seen a way that social media might accelerate one’s online presence to support one’s online business purposes.

That’s what I’m search for … what about you?

How Is Your Social Signals?

As Romy Singh has written on “Content is King? … I Don’t Think So”, nowadays on the crowded niche, solely depends on killer content will not give you a better result, in this case social signals can give a better image in front of your blog visitors. It tells them you have influence online.

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Now, why don’t you share with us your experience or opinions on achieving social signals 😀

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