8 Mistakes To Avoid When Taking Photos For Your Own Blog

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Mistakes To Avoid When Taking PhotosThis guest post is by Sonia Jackson.

It is up to you what you put on your blog. If you want to put blurry pictures on there and pretend they are ghosts then that is up to you. There are some mistakes you can make when taking photographs for your blog. These are mistakes that you may not have noticed and may be through things you did not intentionally mean to do. Here is a little bit of advice. Have a look through and see if you are making any of the mistakes listed here.

1 – Moving the camera whilst taking the photo

This does not just include the movement you make when walking or moving up or down. This includes micro movements that you make with your hand when you hold your camera. The best thing you can do is hold your camera against something. Rest it on a surface or a wall and then move it around to aim it. This will create a steadiness that is great for taking fantastic shots.

2 – Putting all of the action in the center

You do not have to do this. It makes for very boring and bland photos. Instead try it from various angles and orientations and heights. Put the action at the edge of the screen and see how it looks. Just take lots and lots of pictures and you cannot go wrong.

3 – Not taking enough pictures

As previously mentioned, if you take a lot of pictures then you are going to fluke that one great shot. It is why journalists take hundreds of shots of celebrities. It is because they know that a lot of the shots will not be very good but that one or two will be solid gold. Try this yourself and take lots of shots. You will be pleased later when you are sorting through your images and find the perfect one.

4 – Hiding behind the camera on every shot

Do not just look at your shots through your lens. Look at the scene with your own eyes and set the shot up in your mind. You are more likely to capture something good if you spot your situation instead of hunting it through a lens.

5 – Not zooming in on your subject (or getting closer)

People take photos of action shots but they take them too far away and it loses all of its impact. Get closer, or if they cannot get closer then zoom in the image and take it. It will look better and it will edit better later on.

6 – Having the flash on and over lighting the subject

If you are in a small enclosed space then there is no need to use the flash. Use less harsh lights because a flash is going to over expose the subject you are taking. Be careful about using your flash because it often causes more trouble than it’s worth. Try to light the room or the subject yourself. The earlier tip says you should take lots of pictures; well you can do that whilst experimenting with your lights too. Add different lights at different angles to get better shots. If you are a taking a photo of a person then try to light up their eyes and add a gentle light underneath so it does not look like they have a big shadow under their chin.

7 – Not using your shutter speed when the image is underexposed

If it is dark then you can lighten your picture up by using your shutter speed. You will have to be careful though because if you slow the shutter speed then your shot will be more sensitive to movement. It may mean that you have to put the camera on a wall or tripod before taking the shot.

8 – Taking photos that are not relevant to your readers

This is a strictly blog related issue and it stems from your overexcitement with your camera. When out taking pictures for your blog you may come across an image that looks great. For example, you may catch a frog in mid hop. Now, if your blog post was on sexual fantasies of cosplay wearers then your pictures of the frog is not going to impress your blog readers.

If you do find yourself with a few great images that you really want to show off, then do not put them on your blog. Only put relevant pictures on your blog. Put your other pictures on Facebook or open up a Flickr account.


Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos

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