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6 Signs Your Blog on Track to Success


Making and growing new blog is challenging task for a blogger. Two important things, time and hard work, must be combined very well. Unfortunately, many bloggers quit in the middle of their journey. Lack of motivation and patience becomes the most possible reasons.

As blogger it is impetus to monitor your blog. You need a measurement whether your blog in the right track or not. In blogging there are signs that can show your future of blogging. By understanding these signs you can avoid failure in your blogging career.

These are the signs your blog on track to success

Increase of Traffic

A healthy blog will have more and more visitors, pageviews and lower bounce rate . The positive progress on the three basic parameters is a strong sign your blog on track to success. No need to rush, a slow progress is good enough to indicate of success in blogging.

Increase of Quality Comments

The appearance of comments on blog is a sign that the blog attract the viewers. As time goes by, and your reputation grows in blogosphere, a number of comments on your blog will increase. Don’t be passive to have comments on your blog, start giving one on other blog interest you.

Increase of Inbound Link

Addition of inbound links could be a sign your blog is popular enough on the net. Don’t push yourself too hard to build many inbound links in the short time, let it grow naturally. People will give link to your blog when they like they way you present a topic into blog content.

Increase of Regular Visitor

Regular visitors mean repeating visitors. This is the sign that your blog gained trust from your visitors. The only reasons you can increase these regular visitors to give them what they want. How can you know that you give what they want? You are not a psychic! Watch your average time visit duration metric on your analytic tool. One minute is considered well enough for visitor to spend for a 500 words blog post.

Increase of Content Quality

After you are blogging for some time, your blogging ability should be improved especially in making quality content. Quality is relative. In my opinion making quality content is when the content can give inspiration, answer reader question or encourage another opinion or new question.

Increase of Personal Commitment to Keep Posting

Blogging is personal tool. The faith of your blog depends on you. Your spirit will boost when you make your first $100 from it, you get 1000 visits daily, and so on. What if your spirit down when your expectation fade away? This is the real challenge of blogging. As blogger, you have to be committed to keep posting in certain interval (like it or not). Once a week, once a month, or whatever your interval is. If you keep committed to post for your readers, it is a sign your blog on track to success.

Is Success Your Blogging Goal?

That’s all the signs your blog on track to success. I do hope you have all the signs in your blog. Every blogger like to have success in their blog, to ensure you are having successful blog, always remember these signs so that you know what to focus. Enjoy your blogging.