6 Awesome Tricks to be Excellent in Writing Posts of the Same Topics

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Jump off into crowded niche have particular signs of benefit and challenge. The benefit tells you the market is clearly profitable and the challenge show the urgency to be awesome yet excellent in writing posts of the same topics.

There are clues that success in blogging can be achieved through uniqueness of your blog posts. Sometimes, unique is not enough, you need to be excellent in writing posts of the same topics. In return, visitors will likely to bookmark your blogs as their trusted reference in their life.

One thing that you can’t avoid of

The nature of crowded niche means you need more creativity providing new and fresh contents.

But, how can you do that if everyone do the same?

Every time you have an idea on writing new posts about particular topics, someone else have written it somewhere on the net. In the end, if you are giving a regular posts updates you won’t hit the heart of internet population to think that you are awesome.

You are going to need an awesome touch to impress visitors who enjoy your blog posts. In case of your main contents are articles then you need to be an awesome writers to build your future audiences.

The awesome tricks that works

How can you be excellent in writing posts of the same topics? Take a look on these ready to use awesome tricks and find out why these tricks are awesome.

1. Only write something that you are really interest in

Passion takes important parts to be awesome writers. No matter how good your writing is, you’ll get stuck right away if you are writing something that’s not interest you. It might works for a while but in the end you’ll get bored easily because it’s not you.

When you write something that you’re passionate of, you’ll find a way out when writer’s block coming at you. It comes naturally because it’s the real you. You are not pretending to be someone else through your posts.

Besides, “only write something that you are really interest in” give you an advantage. It’s a sure fire your blog will go live through interactions once a visitors hits your blog from any where around the net.

Those interactions happen because you can easily respond if there is any further explanation asked by the readers.

2. Write it the other way around

The next awesome tricks is to tell it the other way around. It’s always works because life is an option.

If you are thoroughly enough, there’s always two side on everything happens in life. It’s depends on how you see it. It can be good or bad.

If someone write on “how to success affiliate marketing” you can write on “how not to fail affiliate marketing”. Both topics to success and to fail are interesting because in the end all readers want to success on the topics. And one of the smart tricks to success is to learn from other failures.

Tell it the other way around and you’ll write an excellent posts though many writer have written the same topics.

3. Try it out first to find value

This is crucial. Every time you write on something there must be a message you want to deliver. Before you tell others how to do that, it’s wise to try it out by yourself then let your readers know how good your tips are.

There’s a good example from Quick Sprout and Coppyblogger who wrote a post on the same topics. Here’s the title :

Post from coppyblogger was the first one that went live, then quick sprout published a post on the same topics.

Even though quick sprout published the article after copyblogger did, it got good respond. It’s because there’s a passion inside the posts, the passion from Neil Patel on how he has managed to write on powerful post in less than 2 hours.

He has tried the tips himself and told other how they could be the same. This way, readers can feel that you are honest writer that love to provide value within your blog posts. They’ll keep coming back to read more on your posts updates. It’s all happen because you are excellently impress them with the value of your posts.

4. Target specific readers

Using the same examples of previous tricks, rather than writing on “A Simple Plan for Writing a Powerful Blog Post” it’s better writing “A Simple Plan for Writing a Powerful Blog Post in Less Than 2 Hours”. It target specific readers who want to write not only a powerful posts but also fast.

It solve two problems in one shot, quality and time issues for bloggers.

Be specific is also great to have targeted traffics. For example if you like to review on a particular products you can write on “Why (this product) is good for Students”, or “… good for Executives”, etc. The title speak itself.

Besides traffic reasons, be specific also provide a new angle on a particular topics. Readers like such thing, it’s resembling the freshness of your information.

5. Write a short posts (but to the point)

There will a time that you get stuck finding ideas to write new things. As long as you have the interest you’ll overcome this. To ease the pain finding a way out, try to write short posts on your next posts updates.

You’ll see how easy it is to finish a single posts by writing it shorter than usual. If you are getting used to write 1500+ words in single posts updates I believe you can write a 600 words article more often easily.

You can write on many topics with relatively short of time. That’s an advantage. You can use your precious time for other important things.

One thing to remember when you change the writing style into a short posts, you should deliver the message to the point. You will maintain the quality and save readers time to read and to take the value of it.

6. Write a long posts (but detail)

This is the other way around of previous tricks. You can write long but you have to be detailed or readers will miss the points. A detail long posts will ease readers to follow exactly on what you have said.  Besides, it’s also shows your expertise on the discussed topics.

How awesome your posts are?

There could be a millions and one ways to write excellent posts of the same topics that makes you an awesome writers. That’s why I am going to need your advice on how you have managed to be an awesome bloggers that writing excellent posts of the same topics, please share us your tricks 🙂

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