4 Reasons Why Smallphpscripts is Scam

In having interaction on the net, there is chance you meet potential scammers. With this post I just want to share my experience at the time I bought a script from smallphpscripts.com.

What do I buy?

After browsing for some time until I ended up at smallphpscripts,  I have interest with one of their products “Google Suggest Scrapper”. Then I checked further on the product description, how to install and live demo of the product.

SmallPHPScripts is Scam 1

So, why smallphpscripts is scam? Here’s my opinion:

#1 The Promise is a Big LIE or B*** S***

Want to know what they promise looks like? Here it is:

SmallPHPScripts is Scam 2

I tell you what, it is not easy to install for sure and the result is not working as it promised.

Here’s more of their empty promise about the easiness (I got this after I finish my payment)



  1. Download script files and unzip.
  2. Upload files on your server.




If you have any problems installing, contact us.


Why do I say it is not easy to install the script on your website? Because in fact, you need several steps to take which is unexplained upfront, that’s why.

You need to download filezilla first then follow the procedure at filezilla to upload files to your hosting. Why do they not tell buyers about it at the first place? I feel something tricky here ….

Since I am not tech savvy bloggers, I spent around 4 hours just to figure out myself how exactly to upload script files from filezilla to my hostgator hosting.

#2 The Chance to Make Mistake is Ridiculously Huge

Since their best guide to provide buyers is installation information (above) so I just realize the chance of buyers like me to have headache is huge.

Here is the live demo they use to attract buyers (http://gh-export.us/google_suggest/)

SmallPHPScripts is Scam 3 Live Demo

And here’s the result in my blog (http://notordinaryblogger.com/google-long-tail-keyword-ideas/)

SmallPHPScripts is Scam 4 Result

The only different of the result is that on my page it always ended “error”.

#3 Live Chat is Not Really Helpful

Smallphpscripts.com provides a live chat though but it is not as helpful as it should be.

In fact, it was live chat from hostgator (my hosting service) that helped me so far to make me able creating ‘’error” page. Two thumbs to my hosting service.

#4 No Refund Policy

This is the last reason why I do think smallphpscripts.com is scam.

I just realize (silly me) that they are having no refund policy on their business. It is like ring my bells that (okay, I get scammed here).

SmallPHPScripts is Scam 5 No Refund

It is not a big deal though, only $15 but the way they conduct business is just so unacceptable, so inappropriate.

Do You Agree on Why Smallphpscripts is Scam?

That is the 4 reasons why smallphpscripts is scam. If you want to buy a script from them just make sure you are ready to spend your money for nothing.

Or if you are not sure about buying script online, make sure they have helpful customer service, clear guideline (no hidden tricks) and refund policy what so ever. Or just buy script from people you actually know.

From what I have experienced with smallphpscripts.com, I just think they only want to generate money from buyers and leave. They don’t give much care if buyers have problem or not. Don’t let yourself become the next victim.



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