4 Easy Ways to Actually Make Money Online

If you feel stuck in your way to make money online then you probably feel relief reading this post. Oftentimes, make money online opportunity ends up with more and more sales picth. This is why many will think this is just a waste of time.

This post is not going to teach you but to show you how it is really possible to actually make money online. Here they are:


PTC is stand for paid to click which mean you get paid for every click you made on the site. To make money online, at least 2 ptc sites are known as a good source namely clixsense and neobux.

There are many options you can take to accumulate cash in that sites starting to just click, filling survey, watch video, download apps, checking author names, checking article titles and so on. With these sites it is not too difficult to make $1 a day.

Here’s my payment proof

From clixsense on the last 1 year (going for 2nd year)


From neobux (balance at the moment) and past payment proof:


Neobux Payment Proof Sept 2015

Note: to earn more money with clixsense it is better to install the toolbar so that you will never miss an advertisement to click every day. Then, make sure you do the daily task so that you get cash bonus daily. This is the easiest way I ever know to make $1 a day online.

Manual Traffic Exchange

Don’t get me wrong …. Manual traffic exchange can be used to build list of potential clients that are mostly in online business niche. I have tried easyhits4u because it is proved that the site paid its member.

Here’s my payment proof:

Bukti Pembayaran Easyhits4u Juni 2016

The best part of such site is that you can generate money while promoting something. Let say you have outstanding landing page to promote business opportunities, then, easyhits4u is a good chance to get some lead if you don’t want to have hassle dealing with SEO, social media marketing or even blogging.


PTP is stand for paid to promote which mean you get paid for promoting link rovided within the sites. If you want to start to earn money with ptp sites you have to join first, then you will have certain link to promote massively. For a trusted ptp sites, you can try ptp4all and rotate4all for ptp sites.

Here’s my payment proof of the two sites:

Rotate4all Payment Proof June 2016

PTP4all Payment Proof July 2016

The only hassle you can get is that you must drive traffic to that link as many as you can to reach payout limit every day. Make some creativity to promote it, use several social media like facebook, twitter or even blog commenting.

The two ptp sites mentioned above allowing member to use easyhits4u to promote the links. That makes promotional activity easy because you can get traffic for every traffic you give on easyhits4u. The result? You can have two sources of income at the same time (from manual traffic exchange and from ptp sites)

Being Ad Publisher

The other easy way to make money online is join an advertising network as publisher of advertisements. There is no hassle to do this. All you need is make a blog with premium hosting provider (not a free blog platform) then sign up in an advertising network you trust. Once you are approved you can copy paste a certain code to your blog so every blog visitors will see the advertisements. Exoclick is one network I have tried so far. Here’s the progress:


The best part of this advertising network is that you are not depending on clicks because they also count for every view. Your income will be better if click happens on the ads published on your site though.

You Can Actually Make Money Online

There is all the proof that it is possible for you to actually make money online. Joining in all of the sites can give you easy and credible source of extra income online constantly. Want to try? Why not?, it is free to join every site mention above. Wish you the best on your journey on making money online.


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