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3 Quick and Powerful SEO Tips From Alexa


I believe many of bloggers out there already know about alexa. Through the toolbar, alexa has become one of indicator to measure website popularity. Not all bloggers agree with the importance of alexa rank though but some bloggers do think that alexa rank matters.

Despite all the rumors on alexa there are some beneficial clues you can take in term of SEO to develop your blog performance better in future. Here they are:

Powerful SEO Tips from Alexa

#1 Keywords and Percent of Search Traffic

These two indicators are the simplest one to acknowledge the strength of your blog. Alexa display five keywords related to your blog.

The indicator will show some powerful keywords your blog has for the last couple of months. Based on these you can copy on your on page SEO for your future content.

#2 Search Traffic Graph

The graph will also containing up or down sign with red (down) or green(up) color.

Of course green means positive for your blog growth while red means you need to fix several things related with your SEO strategies.

Implementing correct SEO strategies is important especially if you want your blog to pay the bills.

#3 Upstream Sites

This is simply to show you the referrer traffic of your blog.

The data given can describe how effective your blog marketing was. If you perform SEO strategies then traffic from search engine like google or yahoo or else should be emerge in this data.

If your traffic highly depends on social media then facebook, twitter or linkedin may be displayed here.

You can evaluate your traffic generation strategies with this “upstream sites” data. If you do campaign heavily on facebook but “upstream sites” data shown twitter is your social traffic producer then you should not waste your time and money on facebook or that means you need to work harder on facebook.

Improve Your SEO Today

It is not an absolute answer though but seo tips from alexa data is a good start to perform SEO campaign that can save your time and money. It is wise to do cross check with other cool stuff out there to ensure you about your blog marketing campaign. Until next time … all the best.