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10 Content Marketing Strategy Checklists You Should Know

Without a well-structured content marketing strategy any inbound or content marketing process is intended to fail, wasting a significant amount of time and money. This post suggests some important phase to consider establishing a potent strategy.

The phase to consider establishing a good content marketing strategy and plan are, in basic, no different to the long established standard marketing planning system.

In doubt of what content marketing is? An easy meaning: content marketing is a marketing skill of producing and spreading relevant and helpful content. The goal is to attract, encourage, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience. Of course the bonus you get is flowing profitable action.

Emphasizes on the terms: relevant and helpful, clearly defined and understood target audience, profitable action.

These aspects are the most important parts of content marketing, but are often not explored thoroughly enough by many marketers. Most marketers have a common idea of who they are marketing to, what is beneficial, and what response they want the prospect to consider. In general many marketers either can’t construe details or they make presumptions, both of which can guide to failure.

In order to success with content marketing, business marketer should elaborate these 10 content marketing strategy checklists you should know.

Checklist#1: Building Buyer Personas

Once you’ve resolved the target audiences you wish to influence, build “buyer personas” for each target group. A buyer persona is a specific profile of an example buyer that imitates the real audience; their intentions, interests, desires, and decision mechanism that influence their discretions. Developing buyer personas assists you understand precisely who you are marketing to, and therefore what content will be most helpful to them.

Checklist #2: Comprehend the Needs of the Audience

If you wish people to read your content it should be about them, not about you. If your content gives practical, valuable knowledge to the reader that they can implement to fix a problem or make their lives easier, they will keep reading it and sharing it to others.

However, if your content reads like commercial ads and lacks helpful information they will leave and not return. Count on your buyer personas and free online ‘reporting posts’ such as Twitter and Google Alerts. The two can help you to decipher what is (and is not) attractive and valuable.

Checklist#3: Construct a Good Plan

Plan out content fast and you won’t have to hurry to publish content out. Arrange an editorial calendar including topics, establishing deadlines for writing, publishing, promoting content, where each part of content is assigned to, and any other information that maintains the process scheduled and manageable.

Checklist#4: Focus on a Niche

With so many publication freely available on the net, you have to stand out by targeting on a niche that attracts your buyer personas. This enables you to show and share your unique skill and develop a loyal audience.

Checklist#5: Keeping Content Fresh

Once in a while, do content audit to measure what content is still related and fresh, and what case studies, videos, interviews, and other information requires to be renewed. You can also refresh your content based on input from readers.

It’s also critical to maintain publishing original and new content on a regular basis in order to build a loyal audience.

Checklist#6: Asking for Help

Many enterprises count solely on their internal marketing teams to do everything related with content marketing. Frankly speaking, the teams have more than one responsibility. Oftentimes they force developing content strategies and making the content itself to the back burner. It can take weeks or months to finish one content. Almost all businesses can try to partner with a writer or blogger that has skills in content that is crucial to their audiences.

Checklist#7: Aim for Long Term Content Marketing

It takes time to build a real engagement with your audiences and establish loyal audiences. Some business entities initiate a newsletter, blog, or other content marketing strategy and wish to witness significant results in short times. It doesn’t always work like that. But keep with it, and your endurance will be compensated.

Checklist#8: Combining Content Marketing with Overall Marketing

In some enterprises, magazine, a corporate newsletter, articles distributed to other publications, and identical content are done parallel from other marketing plans like the event, website or blog. Combining all of these initiatives so they support each other is extremely powerful.

Checklist #9: Be Friend with Search Engine Optimization

Your content marketing strategy will pay off when it turns up in the first few pages of search engines result. This will lead many more audiences to your content for free of charges. Nevertheless, for this to realize you require to optimize your content and its landing pages. If you do so, the search engines can scan them and rank them easily. Accepting links from other websites and blogs to your content is also a path to attain high search engine rankings.

Checklist #10: Using Social Media as a Two-Way Radio

Social media isn’t a channel for directly publicizing your business and content. Without communicating with others and distributing useful information you didn’t assist someone you’re linked to. If you use linkedin, twitter, facebook, and other social media platforms simply to blow your own horn, you are missing an invaluable chance to get closer to your target audiences and start to better comprehend their needs.