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Dear Visitors,

Welcome to notordinaryblogger!

I am happy to see you here. May be you are wondering what the heck is this blog? What makes it special? Why should you stay here? Or Should I come back for more?

This is a blog that talks about blogging tips, online business tips, affiliate marketing tips, banner advertisement tips, blogging tools, internet tips, social media tips, writing tips, build website traffic tips, product development tips, seo tips, and others related financial aspect and happiness in life.

What makes it different?

#1   I am Indonesian blogger (that’s why I speak “bahasa Indonesia”). That’s why this blog delivered in two languages (English and Indonesia). Feel weird? Don’t worry, even Oxford dictionary don’t have the term for this kind of blog. Thankfully, my friend Imannuel have made the definition as Oktomiasis.


Check out his post

#2   Most of the tips provides here are tested to provide valuable proof.

#3   I am not the only one who shares thought or experiences in this blog, I am also welcoming guest author around the globe. That is why this blog rich of useful tips.

Don’t Know Where to Start?

You can visit “about me” page if you want to know some about me.

You can take my advertising kit at “advertise with us page”. In this page, I am little bit showing off on this blog performance such as traffic, bounce rate, average visit duration, etc (screen shot from my Google Analytics dashboard). If you like to introduce your business with highly affordable price in front of active audiences, this is the page for you.

Contact. It is where you can send me your message besides leaving comment on each post.

Privacy-policy. This blog is serious in providing valuable information. That’s why we have to provide privacy-policy to our beloved audiences for their convenience.

Resource tools. This is where I share you what tools I have used to develop my blog.

Site Map. You can check all the archives this blog has from the beginning (about 3 years ago).

You like to share your thoughts here? I am more than happy to publish your opinion. Check out our guest author guideline

Check out our recent posts and popular posts to make sure you are not missing the best tips around the net.

 *note : there are affiliate links and sponsored links around this blog. That’s why this blog keeps alive 😉

That’s all people. I am more than happy to read what you think about all topics being published here. See you in comment boxes.

(this content is updated on July 25th, 2014)

  1. Fakry Naras Wahidi

    kenapa ini dengan notordinaryblogger,
    keknya ada yang beda dengan halaman beranda,
    template baru iya,
    Fakry Naras Wahidi recently posted..Kamar 100% Gamer IndonesiaMy Profile

    • Okto

      Halo Mas Fakry,

      Terima kasih atensinya .. hehe.
      Gak begitu baru kok. Pada dasarnya saya hanya ingin meningkatkan interaksi pengunjung.
      Selain itu masih sama …. tidak ada subscriber lists dan tema masih mengedepankan simplicity.
      Jadi saya hanya ingin “say Hello” pada pengunjung yang datang 😀

    • hi Okto this time seriously i am here for making some traffic. please go to my blog and give me at least 15 page views because my adsense account approval is on second stage. i have very less traffic. if i will not get more traffic they will disapprove my account. so please do this. i wright on healthy living. my url is


      • Okto

        Hi Vipin,

        I think we should not ask people like that. People will turn into blog traffic if they find something they want in our blog. Just focus on creating value from your blog and promoting your blog. I believe your traffic will increase in no time

  2. Hi Okto,
    Your blog is quite unique for me, as I do not know a lot of bloggers who write in dual language for their readers. Also, I really like visiting your blog because I get to learn new things about blogging and on how to earn money online.
    Looking forward on your next post (in English, that is) :)
    Felicia recently posted..Greg Raymer wins 3rd win on the 2012 Heartland Poker TourMy Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Felicia,

      It’s great to hear you have benefits reading our blog.
      It’s unique indeed but has it’s particular risk also. But, we have the plan so it’s best to stick to it and evaluate periodically.
      Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback 😀

  3. Hi Okto, I love to see new blog launch. I’d love to give you all my full support whenever you need and I love to share.

    Thank you – Ferb
    Ferb recently posted..8 Effective Ways to Promote Your Twitter@Name for FreeMy Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Ferb,

      Thanks once again :)

  4. TracyAnn0312

    It is such a pleasure to be come part of your site. I do love that you have shared so many ideas that can help bloggers like me.
    TracyAnn0312 recently posted..add natural remediesMy Profile

    • Okto

      You are welcome Tracy

  5. navigasi nya agak sulit dijelajah mas

    • Okto

      Maaf menyulitkan. Kalo boleh tahu apanya ya yang menyulitkan? Terima kasih masukannya

  6. Your blog is quite unique for me. I do love that you have shared so many ideas that can help bloggers . Keep it up !
    Taswir Haider recently posted..How to Make Money on Facebook?My Profile

  7. mantap, dengan dua bahasa ,menjadikan blog ini mendunia

  8. Hi Okto,
    You are right. There is so much on this blog that I didn’t know where to stop. Your bounce rate should be low as there is much to click. This is certainly not an ordinary blog. I did read the email post but decided to comment here on the overall blog. Wel, I will be looking for you around the blogosphere as we both continue to grow our traffic.
    Jennifer Cunningham recently posted..How to Promote Your BlogMy Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Jennifer,
      Thanks for the support. Sure, see you around :)

  9. Hi Okto,
    Your blog is superb and your blogging skills are excellent.. all the best mate.. cheers
    Ansh recently posted..Things To Change In SEO With The Arrival Of Penguin 2.0 UpdateMy Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Ansh,

      Thanks for the support :)

  10. Hey Okto,

    You blog as well as domain name is super bro :-)
    I added you blog to my Feedly acount.
    Raplus recently posted..Top 10 Blogging Tips You Might not Heard EarlierMy Profile

    • Okto

      Glad to see you here. Going to take yours on my list too!

  11. Excellent Article
    Thanks For Sharing…
    Anisha recently posted..Smart ways to Earn Money DailyMy Profile

  12. It’s very nice, I find an English blog again here :)
    Salam kenal, Mas. Kalau saya blog bahasa Indonesia dan Inggrisnya dipisah he…he..

    • Okto

      You are very welcome. Happy to see you here :)

  13. nice to drop here :)

  14. awesone article buddy
    keep on writing these articles

  15. Today is my first visit to your blog and I fall in love with your blog posts. I would like to read more blog posts on your blog daily. So keep posting :)

    ~Dr. Diana
    Dr. Diana recently posted..Creative Spring CleaningMy Profile

  16. Thanks Admin for Welcome to all Visitors ! I never have been that a Admin is welcoming to Visitors ! So it’s really nice & beautiful thing to Welcome Audience !

  17. Dev

    Hi Okto,
    Great article I liked it. I hope it will help me. Thanks for sharing views. Have a great week ahead.

  18. Toko Jamaludin

    Nyimak gan…

  19. Ane kaga bisa bahasa inggris.. 😀 iya iya aja dah gan :v

  20. Excellent guide. I do think that subject matter expertise is often over-rated at the start of a relationship.

    If I were a client, I’d want to see that the agency can learn a new domain quickly and leverage the expertise in the company and in the market.

  21. Amazing article dear… keep writing…
    Sneha recently posted..Kerala HSE Results 2015My Profile

  22. welcome back he
    kulkuly recently posted..Cara Mengatasi Duplikat Konten Di BlogMy Profile

  23. haha boleh tuh, oiya kun jung kunjung ke website kita, disini kita jual software kasir termurah loohhh
    Rian Haditama Putra recently posted..Tugas dan Tanggung Jawab KasirMy Profile

  24. kenalin blogger baru
    mas agus recently posted..penjual sukses : penuhi keinginanMy Profile



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