Sectors Benefitting From New Domain Name Extensions


Domain Name ExtensionsDomain Name ExtensionsAs numerous domain proprietors probably guessed years ago, the domain name extension explosion should occur at any given moment.  When this occurs, category specific extensions will provide Google, Bing and businesses the opportunity frequently sought to make their business stand out amongst search results rarely plausible within current algorithmic standards.  All businesses stand to gain something from ICANN’s generosity, yet these sectors below stand to gain aplenty.


Colleges, grade schools and vocational education facilities already stand well above your .COM website simply because .EDU continually dominates in terms of value.  When category specific domain name extensions are rolled out, .EDU extensions will keep their age benefits yet their search value may show slight decrease since individuals that seek specific educational materials, training and the likes will have category-specific websites to choose from.

Google has longed for someone to help them make searching more ‘fluid’ for end users, and education-based websites stand to gain considerably thanks to help from internet’s authority on naming.


Consumers can easily find ‘big box’ brands online, such as Walmart, Meijer and Amazon because their brands are world renowned.  What about those really awesome chocolate chip cookies from that smaller store in Ames, Iowa?

Shopping for clothes, foodstuffs and electronics will become increasingly easier when category domain name endings are introduced in full form.  Keywords will still hold their vitality in marketing campaigns, yet optimization should become much easier for those working in SEM; look for your basic extensions to hold the most meaning (i.e. .FOOD, .TOYS).

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Domains were conceived from technological ingenuity, so naturally this niche stands to gain immense attention when ICANN rolls out their new category themes.  Ideas that rarely see mainstream popularity yet have breadth will have an equally profound impact to their New Egg, eBay and other major players.  Blogs that are intelligibly conceived will, of course, have an equal chance to rise to stardom as their Tech Crunch counterparts.  All told, domain name extensions which involve technology (.TECH, .GAMES) will hold high value to everyone.

Third Sector

The third sector is a vital part of any fair and enterprising society, where individuals and communities are able to enact change in order to fulfil social or environmental needs. The voluntary sector, charities, social enterprises, community groups and other not-for-profit businesses such as schools and hospitals all come under the umbrella of ‘the third sector’. On average, the third sector makes up around 7% of an average country’s GDP, with 5% of its economically active population being volunteers.

Third sector domain categories will probably be ‘all over the grid’, yet they’ll still have immense impact on search engine optimization and business branding.


Although the current Big 3 domain identifiers – .COM, .NET and .ORG – will always have somewhat higher value due to their age, newer domain name extensions due to roll out on or around 2014 will have tremendous search engine value.  It could shift domain valuations, refresh search engine results and quite possibly make great businesses, rarely seen due to black hat SEO marketers, finally get the attention they deserve.  The above 4 sectors should rise to power much quicker than others based off their high GDP, popularity and need within worldwide cultures.

About the author:
Roger Klawinksi is a freelance writer and experienced domainer from Indiana. You can follow him on Google+.