Post Google Penguin : What’s the Faith of Article Submission?


post penguin updatesHave you ever realize that google penguin has changed the importance of article marketing and article submission than it was before. In penguin’s algorithm, it is searching for more variety of backlink source, anchor text and landing pages. A good strategy of article submission can achieve all the potential benefits you can get.

To help you out, here’s some tips to avoid and what you can do in three important issues such as backlinks source, anchor text and landing page.

Baclink Source in Post Penguin Update

The penguin update will punish website whose backlinks are mainly from the same place. For instances, those whose backlinks all come from one article site will find their ranking fall. Those whose baclinks come from solely ads network, forum posts or essentially the same publications will result the same.

With this point of view you should not believe that google penguin has destroyed article marketing efforts, you should see the big picture out of it. It is the end of article marketing if your submissions are all of the same article sites.

If you ever wonder why your ranking was dropped, evaluate your article marketing campaign. To prevent this bad result hit you, you should write many articles and submit them to different article sites. If most of your many backlinks are from one source of article sites then Google will probably downgrade their benefit.

If you do not want this to happen to you, you must do your best to generate backlinks from your released articles, not only from as many article sites as possible, but also from other types of publication, such as blogs, slide share, youtube, etc.

The Importance of Anchor Text

Always remember that Google’s highest priority is to those that use it as search engine to find related information, and those who overlook that will get penalized.

Google want to make sure that its users do not get unwanted information or any kind of spam on every link they come across. As one of Penguin purpose is to support variety in anchor text to Google users, nevertheless those searching information has a variety of link text they can click through yet not just variety, but also informative, so that the anchor text should describe the landing page to which they will be dispatched.

The best thing you can do to avoid the suffer is by diversifying anchor text as much as you can. Simply using home page name is not a good option. Instead trying to implement anchor text relating to your web content. For example in the most common anchor text at the article sites are provided in the byline section, for this article title, the anchor text could be “Post Google Penguin Update”, “Article Submission” if delivered to two different backlink placements.

What if you deliver the same article to many publications? If that’s the case you can modify the anchor text for each submission, and as you are about to understand, include the landing page inserted to that anchor text.

Various Landing Pages in Article Submission

Google Penguin update has put concern on landing pages. There are some pattern for many bloggers to promote their own home page. While on the other hand, Google believes its users would benefit from getting access to all pages in a website, or at least more than one pages at first visit.

If you are in this category (promote only one page) then there are more tendency you are about to suffer in ranking. Google listing position for every search term is affected by the quality of the website as a whole. If Google noticed that there’s only one page on the site is being promoted, it will be likely to include that page below similar pages on sites with more pages with backlinks.

Diversify your web pages promotion on everyone website. Do not just aim mainly on one particular page. Expert tend to believe that if more than 49% of your backlinks in your content marketing are point to your home page, and the rest divided between other pages on the site, then you should evade this factor of the Google Peguin update.

If you really want to pass Google penalty, there are several points you should take on your content marketing efforts :

  • Diversify anchor text in your links;
  • Diversify article submissions in different types of publications;
  • Diversify landing pages to direct your links.

Article submission as part of content marketing is good alternative in gaining better position in search engine. In aim for that, there’s only one thing you should remember, you need to apply it smart in users way of thinking, not Google way of thinking.

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