Make $50 Daily on Autopilot – Part 4

On this part-4 I am going to reveal the method to reach the target of the project, $50 daily on autopilot. If you have interested on this subject, make sure you bookmark this page, so you won’t miss a thing that I am going to explain 🙂

If you follow the project, you will realize that business program number 1 giving fast result. Wondering why? The reason behind the result is that it gives a chance for member to achieve it. Based on the feature, we can “rent referral” under our username so that we can earn when they do.

It requires money to rent referral though. That is why the other business program (number 2 to 8) will help you easily find funding for that purpose.

Just as I told you previously, if you joined all the programs I recommended, in the time of payment, you will have around $30. The money you get will eventually become your initial fund to achieve more money and faster by using one business program that you trusted (in my case, I trust program number 1). Repeat the process until you reach the maximum level of referral you are eligible to rent.

In my case, as free (standard) member the maximum number of referral I can rent is 300.

So basically you can start it with no investment right? This is possible because all of your money come from internet. The risk is only one, you need longer time if you do this.

What did I do? I did some investment at the beginning by injecting $30 to rent my first 100 referrals. Every day I spend 10 minutes to click ads to make sure I am going to get commission from my rented referral on the next day (if I am not, I am going to lose the ref’s commission).

When do I rent referral

After my initial attempt on this program, now I like to reach 300 rented referrals, maintain it and look forward to upgrade the membership. Instead of withdraw my earning, I will transfer all the earning balance into rental balance so that I can achieve the initial target (300 rented referrals).

The Big Question

Does referral real human? This is my number one question. The program has claimed referrals are real human that is analyzed by their last 5 days performances. So basically, when we rent referral, we will get referrals that are active at least on the last 5 days.

I have to admit that this part is tricky. So I just decide to join to know it by myself rather than just reading people’s review about it. What if I get scammed? Then you need to avoid it, as simple as that.

Of course I am not jump without a prep for the program, I have read a lot about it and ensure myself that this is going to work.

The progress

As I have told you previously that I have funded $30 as initial investment. I rent my first 50 referrals on August 21, 2014 and my second 50 referrals in September 7, 2014. I have $10 left on my rental balance. During the time I have used $2.1 to recycle my non-active referrals. In the end, I have $7.9 left on my rental balance.

Okay now, let’s take a look on the progress. On my last post of this project, it has reached $7.597. And as of yesterday it has reached $ 13.902. Today, 15 September 2014 I have transferred all of it into rental balance.

Total Balance Neobux A

After adding as much as possible of my earning into it, my rental balance in September 15, 2014 is $22.2 (you can see on my screenshot below)

Balance of 15 September 2014

The Next Step

Of course I will keep the rest of the business program. I just make it routine and use the earning as additional funding to this project.

The next target of this project is to reach 300 rented referrals as soon as possible.

What’s the Strategy?

I want it work for me not the other way around. In this regard, I need to know my daily earning trend, monitor which referral being inactive and recycle such referral, calculating the right timing to rent more referrals until it reaches the target number.

What’s next?

On the next post, I am going to share you the tips of renting referrals.

In case you are new here, here are the programs I used for this project:

See you on the next post of this project.


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