5 Smart Strategies To Use Instagram For Business

Instagram as a social media platform is now considered as a new market to enhance consumer experience. Using square images and videos, Instagram can create a profile for your brand – a platform to leverage your business.

The app itself has straightforward steps to start. However, if you are considering to use Instagram for business, here are a few essential social media marketing tips to learn.

Where to start?

While it’s so easy to sign up and add a profile photo; make sure the name you choose and the photo represents your brand. It can be a logo or a product. Instagram allows you to link your account to Facebook, Twitter and website address. When you connect all of them, you can let your fans know where to follow.

Now this is where the marketing strategy applied.

Placing your brand on the spotlight

Selling a product, isn’t merely about posting them all and hoping people would buy; your job isn’t done yet. Before you do that, ask yourself what’s in it for the customers? What do they get when the purchase your product? Why they should follow you on Instagram?

It’s important to inject some relevant contents in your business profile. Tell stories on the comment that explains your field of expertise in the industry or simply tell the audience what’s on. Being on the spotlight simply means earning customer’s trusts.

The power of hashtag

Hashtags help other Instagram users (who don’t know about you) to find you. Choose hashtags that are relevant to your business or industry or your campaign. Instagram has constantly been upgraded to make it easier for you to find popular hashtags. Relevant hashtags also help you to connect with other users. Give comment or simply, like their pictures. It cultivates followers easier (and voluntarily) than forcing them to follow you back.

Schedule your posts

There is no exact frequency of images to post every day, but it’s better to feed consumers regularly in the most fun and laid back time. When you post a lot of pictures, followers may find it annoying. You’ve spammed them.

One of the rules in social media marketing is “don’t be too noisy”. Make sure it’s still relevant to your business. Create a weekly or monthly plan on the contents to ease your work.

Third-party assistance

There are lists of apps that can assist you in doing your social media marketing on Instagram. For instance, app that helps you to search keywords and hashtags, subscribe a profile, or download images in archive and more. These third-party apps can significantly improve your marketing plan.

Images that are aesthetically-pleasing

Attractive images get more likes. Always post images that promote your business values and contribute to your community. When you add values to your images, people would want to explore more about your products.

Instagram comes with filters that can be overwhelming at times. Simply Measured did a research on the most popular filters used by brands. And here is the result:

14% brands use Lo-Fi filter. Valencia filter is used by 12% of brands; followed by Amaro, Hudson, and Sierra. While you can post whatever you want, you can’t deny that these statistics are here to show you the direction.