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17 Rules of Excellent Copywriter

The expertise of the copywriting is one of the trickiest skills in the world. As in every job there are some irrevocable rules that every copywriter should notice in order to capture his reader intention and make

10 Contoh Jenius Membuka Postingan Blog yang Memikat Pembaca

Kira-kira kalimat apa yang bagus untuk membuka postingan blog saya nanti ya??? Banyak yang bilang kesan pertama selalu penting. Mungkin hal ini juga berlaku untuk postingan blog. Kalimat pertama dalam sebuah blog sangatlah krusial untuk menarik minat

Top 6 Types of Website Contents Visitors Love

If we speak about website contents, it can be in any form. Website like slideshare full of contents in form of power points while Youtube full of videos. The form of website contents can be in text,

How to Write 500 Words Blog Post in 5 Minutes

Writing blog post is one of the main skills a blogger must have. Through this activity blogger can deliver the value of their written opinion to visitors around the net. Thus, knowing how to write blog post

3 Secrets to Provide Time for Blogging

Managing a blog is time consuming moreover when you blog in part-time manner. You know exactly that life is not just about blog. You have family, friend, lover and many more. So how can you provide all

7 Media Pencipta Konten yang Patut Dicoba

Kekuatan akan pemasaran konten sudah tidak dapat dipungkiri lagi dalam bisnis online namun perlu upaya ekstra dalam menciptakan sebuah konten yang berkualitas. Ini mengindikasikan perlunya kita akan sebuah media yang sederhana namun kuat dalam hal mengkombinasikan keaktifan