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How To Invite Followers On Social Media

Social media marketing is one of today’s marketing challenges and yet, it gives so many opportunities for customers as well as the business itself. When a brand has an online presence, it’s actually one step ahead the

6 Social Media Marketing Tips from the Pro

Today, businesses rely on social media marketing to improve their ROI. The art of soft-selling seems to become a major marketing campaign that can improve online visibility and earn customer’s trust. To get you started, here are

What Expert don’t Want You to Know about These Social Media Marketing Benefits

Social media marketing is becoming a powerful tool to grow a business. Entrepreneurs are now aiming at this approach to reach their target market. A research done by marketing company, Hubspot, showed that 95% of world’s big

7 Mitos Dalam Marketing Media Sosial

Dalam marketing media sosial ada banyak fakta dan juga mitos yang sering tumpang tindih. Beberapa kekeliruan di bawah ini seringkali dianggap sebagai kenyataan padahal tidak semuanya benar. Berikut ini adalah beberapa contoh mitos yang perlu diluruskan. Mitos

5 Smart Strategies To Use Instagram For Business

Instagram as a social media platform is now considered as a new market to enhance consumer experience. Using square images and videos, Instagram can create a profile for your brand – a platform to leverage your business.

Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing with These 9 Super Tips

Social media marketing is about listening As much as you want to publicly stated that your product is good, let’s not do it that way. Social media is the art of soft selling. It’s about earning a