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20 Kisah Pengusaha Sukses Indonesia bertaraf Internasional

Jadi orang Indonesia gak boleh minder. Siapa sangka ternyata pengusaha Indonesia tidak kalah beken dan ahli dibandingkan dengan pengusaha-pengusaha lainnya di tingkat internasional. Itu sebabnya kita sebagai orang Indonesia jangan pernah minder jika harus berhadapan dengan masyarakat

7 Tahap Ubah Facebook Fans Jadi Konsumen Setia

Facebook Page Anda sudah banyak yang ‘Like’, tapi apakah itu saja sudah cukup?. Banyak sekali Facebook Fan Page yang memiliki pengikut banyak tapi tidak terjadi aktivitas apa-apa di wallnya. Sangat disayangkan sekali apabila para penggemar setia ini

5 Little Known Signs to Refresh Your Small Business Brand

Transformation is unavoidable. For any small business to outlive, that truism should be well understood. You will have to shift technology, add new items and eliminate original copies, hire new people, find new advertising funnels and once

The Secret of Successful Startup Brand

Branding is definitely an activity carried out to with a startup to create them apart aesthetically in the others. It calls for from logo design creating to corporate uniforms. It is going beyond just projection of the

Why Big Brands Use Video Production for Communication? (Why You Must Too)

When Volkswagen lately released a YouTube campaign, they most likely never expected such fascinating results. With more than 155 million combined sights for any trio of clips, you can’t gainsay the energy of these a procedure for

Why Core Values and Business Planning Should Not Be Separated!

While you plan your agenda for your forthcoming business planning session, I think you’ll have created out a while to go over core values. Should you study any great company, one which produces exceptional performance, you’ll find