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Monthly report last edition

This monthly report will be the last one from notordinaryblogger. It is all because the main purpose of the report is to show how this blog can reach 1000 unique visitors every day. If you see the

Monthly Report September 2014

I don’t like to talk much this time to save both my time and yours as well. This monthly report will compare the last two report to see what increase and what decrease. The Comparison   You

Monthly Report August 2014

Traffic Profile Alexa Rank Global: 123,771 Google Analytics Sessions : 12,083 Users: 6,715 Pageviews: 39,949 Pages/Sessions: 3.11 Avg. session duration: 5:36 Bounce rate: 2,62% %New session: 52,84% Guest Bloggers No guest post published during August 2014 List

Monthly Report July 2014

Traffic Profile Alexa Rank Global: 117,597 Google Analytics Sessions : 16,540 Users: 8,507 Pageviews: 42,165 Pages/Sessions: 2.55 Avg. session duration: 3:11 Bounce rate: 9,27% %New session: 48,46% Guest Bloggers No guest post published during July 2014 List

Monthly Report June 2014

Traffic Profile Alexa Global Rank : 120,285 Google Analytics Sessions : 16,340 Users: 8,393 Pageviews: 38,477 Pages/Sessions: 2.35 Avg. session duration: 2:24 Bounce rate: 8,51% %New session: 48,51% List of Posts Monthly Report May 2014 Tambah Tombol

Monthly Report May 2014

Traffic Profile List of Posts How Inbound Marketing Transformed the Way of Business Marketing Cara Kurangi Jarak Spasi Antara Judul Postingan dan Postingan di Blogspot Lessons You Can Learn From Successful Immigrants Measuring Profits of Ramen Noodle

Monthly Report April 2014

Traffic Profile List of Posts Meninggal Dunia Masih Bisa Kirim Pesan? Social Media Marketing : 3 Things To Monitor On Twitter Apa saja infrastruktur yang harus ada agar ecommerce bisa berjalan dengan baik di Indonesia? Panduan Lengkap

Monthly Report March 2014

Traffic Profile List of Posts Tren Google dalam Industri Online tahun 2014 Monthly Report February 2014 Tips for Choosing the Right Hosting Plan The Days When SEO Began To Catch the Eyes How to Reward Top Performers

Monthly Report February 2014

Traffic Profile List of Post Where to Spend Your Real World Advertising Budget in a Digital Age 7 Best Tips for Choosing the Right Theme for Your Blog Site Top 5 Web Design Tips That Optimize your

Monthly Report January 2014

Starting the year is always interesting since most of us have expectation of positive result. I would like to thank you to all audiences who spend their times here. This blog would not go this far without